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your private heaven

Fabulous ideas for balcony décor


Home will always remain sweet home, our favourite place that lets us forget the worldly affairs. Because, it welcomes our successes and failures equally, giving us a comfort zone to just let go everything and be ourselves. And a true homely person would always have a special corner where he or she could just curl up and spend the day off or evenings after work in solace.

No matter where you go in the world, nothing seems better than home sweet home. The familiar smell, and the favourite things it houses; is always soothing to the nerves.

And within that is another treasured zone, which each one of us comes back to and spends whatever time is left out of the long gone day.

One such ‘treasured zone’ is the balcony. If you’re a balcony person then there’s nothing like finding some good quality time to be with yourself, or your loved ones in your own zone.

Here, the sun kissed spring brings in the slightly warm and chilly fresh air to play with your hair and hug you. The winter mornings surprises you with its magical mist. The summer nights bring in calmness, and the fall of autumn reminds everyone of new beginnings. Yes, having a balcony or a verandah, whatever you call it, is totally priceless. And obviously, the ones who understand the beauty of it know how to make the most of their favourite place.

There are a number of easy ways, which can actually make the area more lively. Are you someone who enjoys resting with a book or music player for long hours on a cozy rainy day? Add comfy chairs, and stay put in your ‘zen’ zone for the rest of the day.

Sit here, and lose yourself in the beautiful mornings and peaceful evenings, let every worry fade away.

Not a fan of alone-time? No problem. It still can be the best place to spend some quality time with your special someone. Long chats and sips of tea after a long hard day at work, is the pleasure most of us seek. Right? We hunt for cafes and plan vacations just to get away from the bustling town. But, once you add the spark to the space, balconies can be your best getaways.

Nothing can ever compete with the nature’s offerings. Stop by a nursery while coming back from work or put it in the weekend’s to-do list and get your favourite flowering plants, including some all season indoor plants to beautify the space.

Something so simple can bring such a stunning change.

Everytime you step-in, surprise yourself with the colourful offerings of your mini garden.

Set the right mood for your evenings. Let the soothing lights bring upon you a sense of wonder and contentment. Witness a fairy tale happening in the moment, while those lights cast their magic spell on you.

Let your balcony be the zone that lifts your spirit and helps to celebrate life everyday. There are innumerable things you can do to deck up this space, without having to go extra miles.

What are you waiting for, go ahead and gift yourself a beautiful balcony today!


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