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Traditional Is In

Indian Home Décor Ideas


Exotic, interesting and complex in their own unique way, Indian elements give you a lot to play with. And thanks to our rich cultural heritage, you have always got more variants than you could get with any other theme. We just picked our favorite 5 to tickle your creativity.

Solid Wood Furniture

Go for curved armrests and legs. Pick pieces with carvings and inlay work in metal or ivory. Just one or two ornate centerpieces and rest a little understated to compliment the former. Footstools and jharokhas will just complete the setting. Ready to feel like royalty!

Decorative Cabinets

Your home is your castle. So decorate it like one. And traditional Indian cabinets are your first step to achieve that look. Make sure they are embellished with heavy inlay work using mirrors, stones, ivory etc. That’s how you combine aesthetics and functionality. Paint them bright and keep them with some solid wood pieces. Living room, bedroom or kitchen, they will just enhance the look wherever you keep them.


Handspun Fabrics

Having a proper Indian décor is not at all possible without these. After all, India is known for its beautiful handiwork. So whether it is long flowing window drapes, divan covers or a beautiful canopy above your bed, fabrics can do magic to your room. What’s more, you can differentiate your furniture using different materials yet keep the theme intact. Silk or ikat for centerpieces or cushions, cotton or khadi for side chairs and jute for foot stools. So even your furniture follows the hierarchy.

Statuary and Paintings

Whether you pick the intricate Rajasthani paintings or the gold-leafed ones from Tanjore, paintings play an essential role in bringing out that traditional Indian look of your home. While the larger ones can play as centerpieces, smaller ones can be used to create your own gallery or adorn your passage. And if you bring in statues, congratulations, you have cracked the code. While many people go for the statues of their religious idols, elephants and camels are also popular choices. We bet you have already made a choice in your mind.

Curios and Knick-knacks

So now that you have already started adding things to your mind cart, there are tons of decorative Indian artifacts you can choose from. Masks, clay pottery, diyas, leather puppets, crockery, decorative sandalwood boxes are some of the most popular ones. And if you still find anything missing, a brass lamp could do the magic, literally.

While there are many more ideas on this theme that you can explore, make sure your choices are practical as well as match your personality. Thanks for reading!


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