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Top 5 emerging trends in Jaipur real estate

Here’s why you must consider investing in Jaipur real estate


On its way to becoming a Mega City by 2025, the pink city of Jaipur has many things going right for it as we speak. With increased investments in IT/ITES in the city and SEZs being launched, there are many white-collar jobs moving steadily towards Jaipur. This has worked as a major catalyst in increased real estate investments in the city. Also, being a part of the Golden Quadrilateral national highway network, the connectivity to Jaipur considerably increases its demand.

Is Jaipur going to be the next real estate investment hub? Let us see where the trends point to-

Emerging micro markets-

With the surge in recent developments, the city has formed pockets within itself. Areas like Ajmer Road, Sirsi road, Jagatpura etc. have specific advantages to them in terms of their distances from organisations, socio-infrastructural facilities, industrial areas, proximity from the airport or from metros like New Delhi. With excellent health care and educational amenities available, these micro markets are looking at a steep rise in the inflow of investments.

NRI investments-

Jaipur is one of the major tourist attractions in India owing to its colourful culture, architecture and a mystique around the history it associates itself with. Being more affordable than the rest of the metro cities, Jaipur has caught the NRIs’ eyes for investment as a prominent option. It is comparatively simpler and more lucrative to purchase a property purely from an investment standpoint in a well-connected city like Jaipur than any of the bigger cities.

Rise in gated communities-

Jaipur was never the one with a lot of gated communities; in fact, the rise in this trend has only been seen in the very recent past owing to a lot of jobs being created-both It-based and manufacturing and also because of it becoming a booming educational hub. But today the surge in gated communities has been phenomenal which the residents and even migrants have faithfully embraced.

Self-built Vs readymade-


Even though a metro link is now going to run through the city, it still has some small-town charm to it. Row houses are preferred over the apartment flats and backyards are preferred over the balconies. Also, the buyers in Jaipur do not face the space crunch that metro-dwellers normally do hence they prefer building their own houses. If these are within a gated community, that becomes an added advantage.

Manufacturing/Creation hub-

Jaipur has always been home to the most exceptional of artefacts, handicrafts, Gems, engineering goods etc. Owing to vast raw material availability, lower cost of establishment and comparatively less expensive real estate costs, a lot of SMEs are creating hubs in the city.

Keeping in mind the above-said trends and with an aim to provide you with a taste of royalty, Emaar India, has come with the magnificent project of Jaipur Greens. Spread over a sprawling 155 acres and loaded with the best of amenities, this is the only project in the city to have received a CC (Completion Certificate). It provides you with plots ranging from 180 to 300 sq. yards so that you can build the house of your dreams and still be in a self-contained community with a ton of amenities to enjoy. We are proud to share that Jaipur Greens is also the only gated community in Jaipur that can boast of a fully functional clubhouse which is available for you to use even while your house is under-construction. With 23 acres of open greens, this project is what fantasies are made of!

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