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Theme-Based Communities- A Millennial Style Of Living

Investors today want to buy is a house that adjusts to their style of living right from the word go


In the millennial way of living, perhaps it is difficult to differentiate between the fads and the permanent changes sometimes. Like all other businesses, the real estate industry too has been trying to ride the millennial wave and has come up with some extremely innovative and convenient changes to the scheme of things. One such big trend that is catching up today is that of theme-based communities and projects. This implies that the investors of today are very specific with the requirement they have in mind. What they want to buy is not just a house, but one that adjusts to their style of living right from the word go. To draw a parallel here, just like in the automobile industry, you don’t just buy a car because you need four wheels; you research and buy the specific one you need. For example, if you are sustainability conscious, you will want an electric vehicle because that blends in with your style of living. Similarly, the real estate industry is converging towards specifics as we speak.

Here are a few examples of the theme-based communities that are the most talked-about-

Kids-centric communities- Keeping your kids engaged productively has always been a challenge for most parents. And as we, move closer to things that are convenient, so do our kids. Hence, there has been a steep rise in projects that are designed around these requirements. These projects are heavily focussed on kids’ activities of all age groups such as VR games, libraries, soft play areas, sports courts, various training kits and many similar activities. So, if you are an investor focussed on creating an engaging environment for your kid because of perhaps a paucity of time or to keep them away from screens etc.; these are the projects that might interest you.

Smart Homes- You can either convert an existing home to a smart one or you may buy a smart home, but if you are used to living smart; the conventional houses will seem to add less value to your lives. Smart homes are internet-connected homes that are constituted with smart devices that control the operations of your household- for example, smart lights, smart locks, smart electronics and even smart chargers. The idea here is to create a homogenous setup and operate the house even remotely through apps if required. Emaar DigiHomes are such voice-enabled smart homes that have been designed specifically for such needs.

Green Homes- Ever since the design evolution of smart cities and the always-connected lifestyle, there has been a great incline towards green construction both by the developers and the investors. These projects are built, keeping in mind energy/fuel-conservation and sustainability. Right from raw materials to the construction techniques used, the processes consume minimal energy. The residents, hence, are inclined towards this movement and are willing to adopt solar-powered houses with energy conservation instilled in every part.

Holiday Homes- A very recent trend in the real estate industry is that of holiday homes. Investors are willing to buy houses for the purpose of income generation as well as in order to have a permanent vacation home. These houses, normally speaking, are lavish and luxurious in nature because they cater to investors who’d stay there on breaks. Add-ons like spa-based designs, Spanish architecture, located in and around the outskirts of the chosen city are very typical to these kinds of homes.

We are together moving towards an industry that has no limits and bars when it comes to ideas and innovations. New concepts are being embraced and developed with open arms, to the delight of today’s customer. So, in this era of multiple options, would you say you are spoilt for choice? Here’s some food for thought for you.

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