Are you looking for smart luxury? Let’s do it in Signature Emaar style!

When Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world, shimmers and glistens at night- you are awed by not just its magnificence, but its style as well. And that’s the thing with Emaar, we design houses that match your style. With us, you become a part of the luxury you have always craved and at the same time, we ensure that it does not burn a hole in your pocket. We understand when you buy a home, you are actually buying a safehouse where new memories will be made and your family will grow and prosper; hence, we want your memories to be the most delectable!

With our projects like Gurgaon Greens and Marbella, we have redefined the kind of splendour an investor can dream of. From Penthouses to Spanish style villas, Emaar has considerably raised the bar when it comes to housing. So, what is it that sets Emaar apart? Here’s decoding our mantra for you!

Keeping you secure

Be it Gurugram or any other city, your safety is of paramount importance to us. CCTV surveillance is so passé; we believe in taking it a notch higher by involving technology in the safety measures deployed at our projects. We regularly indulge in upgrading our security features and are vehement and uncompromising about them. You and your family are in safe hands!

Keeping up with the trends

Smart home technology? Precast? You name it and we have been one of the first developers to adopt the changes. We firmly believe that convenience is the key to luxury. In this disruptive era when the face of real estate is changing expeditiously, we are a step ahead of our competition in prediction. We identify a stable trend from a fad, when we see one. Call it experience or zeal, we are dedicated to uplifting the modern real estate industry, with technology.

Keeping it stylish

When it comes to style, no one does it better than Emaar. Your house represents your own elegance and Emaar is very aware of that. In the houses designed by us, every single corner has been built with utmost love and the fixtures are class-apart. Spread over acres, our residential complexes feel like holiday homes in themselves. We have affordable luxury written all over our designs and we make sure you live the luxurious and stylish life that you deserve!

Would you want to be a part of the Emaar family? We shall be delighted to have you! Watch this space for more information as we bring to you the unicorn of Gurugram real estate!

Tips To Find The Right Property For Investment In Gurgaon


Since the inclusion of Gurgaon in the NCR, the locality has witnessed a gigantic leap as an industrial and IT hub on the Indian map and is one of the country’s top satellite towns. The real estate market here has kept pace with its industrial growth with noteworthy projects by top builders. With the availability of a wide range of options to choose from, it is no wonder that home buyers are often left feeling confused about their investment choice. Fret not, we give you some helpful pointers to help you buy the perfect home for you.

Here are the best tips to find the right property for investment in Gurgaon:

1.Identify an upcoming location:

As Gurgaon becomes more and more saturated with commercial and residential projects, it’s important for investors to identify the upcoming locations in the city. Dwarka Expressway and New Gurgaon are two areas in Gurgaon that make for excellent investment options, owing to their connectivity, wide-ranging amenities and premium real estate projects.

2.Find out about proposed development plans:

Once you have identified an upcoming location in Gurgaon, make sure to find out about the proposed development plans in the area. First and foremost, the area should be well-connected, so any infrastructural plans to enhance connectivity is always desirable. You should also find out about any upcoming commercial districts in the vicinity, as that will also boost property prices in the area.

3.Decide upon a budget:

The next step in the process is to arrive at a suitable budget based on your needs and preferences. Survey the options in the area to get an estimate of an appropriate budget range.

4.Check the project amenities:

When investing in a residential project, look out for amenities and conveniences that will enhance your comfort and quality of life. These could range from fitness and luxury amenities like a swimming pool, gymnasium and clubhouse, to other necessary provisions like security systems, parking facilities, waste management, etc. You may also want to look at the features of the property, like size, design, layout, interiors, view, etc.

5.Go with a reputed builder:

Gurgaon is brimming with real estate projects, and every investor has a diverse portfolio to choose from. However, going with a reputed builder, especially in a thriving market like Gurgaon, will assure you of quality construction, transparent processes and timely delivery.

Looking to invest in the perfect home in Gurgaon? Emaar India presents Gurgaon Greens, a premium residential project strategically located off the Dwarka Expressway. Soaring high above the lush green surroundings, the arresting residential towers at Gurgaon Greens have been designed to make the most of the landscape. Explore 4 BHK apartments for sale in Gurgaon at Emaar India’s Gurgaon Greens.