Here’s how you celebrate a Green Diwali!

It is in the air, isn’t it? The joy, the charm, the happiness; that Diwali brings with it every year. Also, it brings with it the anticipation of the remainder of all the crackers strewn on the streets, a lot of unsustainable décor garbage in the trash and abysmal air quality.

So, how about we do Diwali differently this year? How about we turn Green? Owing to increasing awareness, a lot of us are now saying no to crackers or moving to eco-friendly crackers; and we couldn’t be happier! Let us now try and extend this to our homes and celebrate a Green Diwali this year.

Here are a few changes you can consciously make to your Diwali routines-

The clay Diyaas

Very symbolic of this festival, the diyaas have undergone a transformation journey of their own. From the simple clay diyaas decades ago, to the new decorative ones that are made with material and colours that are not completely bio-degradable. We suggest, let us restart the older traditions. By purchasing simpler clay/earthen diyaas, you achieve the below advantages-

  • They are reusable and hence can be used next year as well
  • They can be a DIY project with your little ones, who can paint and create their own diyaas
  • They are biodegradable
  • You might end up helping a sect of manufacturers who might not have the resources to reach out otherwise

If you want to go one step further, you can even make your own diyaas at home using the wheat flour. It can again be an activity the whole family indulges in and a beautiful way to create memories.

The Rangoli

Another symbol of Diwali and an activity that certainly every household relishes, is making Rangolis. But did you know the artificial colours used for Rangolis are not always biodegradable? Instead, let us use flowers or rice flour to create beautiful and lively designs.

You can even use oil-bases paints to create the colours you desire. At every step, ask yourself, if it will generate toxic waste.

The Torans

They say Goddess Lakshmi visits our homes to grant us prosperity on Diwali, and that is the reason the Toran is important because it decorates the doors and windows from where she enters. But what do you think the goddess will feel looking at all the plastics we tend to accumulate on the festival?

Let us switch back to creating our own Torans from flowers, leaves and love. Say no to plastic and the inevitable waste it creates that is only going to get discarded in the next few days.

Let this Diwali be about recycling-

If you are using lights to decorate the outside of your houses, let us use the last year’s. It is quite alright that some of them don’t work, this festival is not about perfection. When you are gifting, let us ensure there is no use of plastic, whether in wrapping or in the products being gifted. Let us use recyclable cutlery at home when entertaining guests and not the disposable styrofoam plates that are not bio-degradable.

Let us sow some seeds of hope with and for our children. Let us make them aware of what the abovesaid does to the environment and plant trees with them this Diwali. Let us all prosper together- financially, emotionally and environmentally.

Wish you and your family a very Happy Diwali!