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The rise of amenities-based real estate investments


Like every other industry that is consumer-oriented, we are now naturally progressing from a stage of just covering the basics to a stage that honours the experience of it more than the one-time transaction (of buying-selling). As a result, the experience encompasses the service provided to the customer even long after the transaction has been closed. 

In the real estate industry also, the developers are now increasingly focussed on the experience they can build for the investor over and above the quality of their projects. Yes, you shall look for the construction quality, location, size, cost etc. of the houses on offer; that is a given. What creates a major differentiation in an investor’s mind today is the quality of amenities provided within the project. Another factor that contributes to the rise of this culture is the paucity of time in all our lives. Most families are left with a very limited amount of time post their jobs, and they prefer a community that can provide them with all the entertainment/stress-busting options within the project premises.

So, what are the must-haves amenities, and what do they offer? Here’s a list of the ones that are the most in-demand in our experience. And you can decide which are the ones you’d like your gated community to have-

A fully functional clubhouse-

A clubhouse today isn’t just about a multipurpose party hall; but now encompasses offerings like spa, office spaces, creche, gymnasiums, restaurants and many more. The clubhouse itself is the heart of the project in most cases now and rightly so. Why would anyone want to venture outside when all the necessary requirements of you and your family are being fulfilled around your house?

Paw Parks- 

A lot of gated communities have increasingly realized the importance of treating your furry friends with care and respect. What paw parks offer is an opportunity to mingle without inconveniencing the other residents. Also, these parks ensure that our pets are safe in an environment that is not overwhelming for them.

Fitness Hotspots-

Our stress-induced lives today are in need of mental and physical fitness more than ever. And real estate developers are creating numerous options for you to be able to destress while saving time. There are jogging tracks, Yoga patios, fully equipped gyms, Saunas and various sports courts like badminton, tennis, cricket and even squash. You can choose the one that interests you the best.

Senior Citizen Amenities-

Our elderly need areas that allow them the peace that they look out for. With amenities like senior citizen parks, butterfly parks and aroma gardens; the senior citizens can unwind, mingle and spend life the way they deserve to- hassle-free! 

Kids’ Play Zones-

Keeping our children constructively engaged is one of the most significant challenges parents face. Thus, the projects come with a plethora of indoor and outdoor play options for kids of all ages. Right from toddler soft play area to sandpits, kids’ swimming pools to reading rooms, virtual gaming rooms and auditoriums that can hold hobby classes; the developers are doing their bit to help you.

Keeping the needs of today’s customers in mind, Emaar India has come up with Jaipur Vaikunth at Jaipur, Rajasthan. Apart from the new landmark destination that offers you a royal lifestyle and design-it-yourself approach, the project also comes with a fully functional clubhouse that is home to a host of amenities like swimming pool, sports courts, gymnasium, yoga room and a plethora of indoor and outdoor games for the kids. It is the largest functioning club facility in any Jaipur residential complex. The amenities provide for a self-sufficient township that will shape your lifestyle.

So, which amenities are an absolute must for you?

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