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Ring in the festive cheer

Home décor for Christmas


It’s that time of the year when you want to fill up your house with decorations and spread the cheer. No matter how spacious or compact your home is, you can always make it look merry and bright. Just put on your creative hat and you’ll find plenty of options popping up in your head. However, we thought of making it a little easier for you and compiled these simple yet fun Christmas ideas. We have you covered!

Remember the shape? Make it with a tape.
Don’t have a room to accommodate an actual tree? Here’s something you can easily do and even your kid will actively participate in. All you need is an empty wall and some washi tape.

Make your home smell like holidays

Festivities are in the air. Let your friends and family smell them too. Give your home a holiday scent with this cranberry and cinnamon stovetop potpourri. Take a few cinnamon sticks, 4 orange halves, a cup of fresh cranberries and 2 rosemary sprigs. Put them all in a large pot, cover with water, and simmer all day. See your home turn into a winter wonderland for the nose.

Because cinnamon lingers like happiness

Christmas will be over. The food will be finished. The sale at the stores will end too. And your cinnamon candles will still keep your home smelling like holidays. Make small ones that don’t take up vital space in your apartment.


Make it a winter wonderland

You are only one step away from turning your space into a snowy winter wonderland. Border your windows and shelves with white Christmas lights or even let them hang from the ceiling. A generous use of white home linen with a couple of white soft toys will do the rest.

Christmas decoration rocks when there are socks

So your kid is fond of colorful socks? Just jumble them up for a day and hang them like buntings along your living room walls or even in your kid’s bedroom. If they are in red, green and white, nothing like it.

Dine like Santa

Use Santa hats as covers for your dining chairs. Wrap the cutlery in stockings, use crystal glasses for drinks and just a few aroma candles. Let your guests think Santa is actually coming over for dinner.

Some ideas have a long shelf life

Sometimes less is more, even when it’s Christmas. Use dwarf Christmas trees and scatter a few Christmas balls around to give your shelves a touch of holidays.Red and white flowers are always a welcome addition.

Getting ideas of your own now? Well, at least you know where to begin. Merry Christmas!


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