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Palm Heights -The Smart Lifestyle Shift


There is a very vivid moment when a house starts to feel like your home. Being at home is a feeling of comfort and liberation. It is your own space, for the mind and body to feel free, feel well. A home is where you de-clutter yourself. And de-cluttering, which is also a prerequisite to wellness, seeks peace.

At Emaar, we understand the need for space in your fast-paced, otherwise crowded lives. Our project Palm Heights, situated at the intersection of NH-8, Dwarka Expressway and 60 meters wide sector road at Gurgaon, is an initiative designed to help you move towards a better life. We want to be the triggers to your wellness pledge! Palm Heights is not just about the 24*7 security, power backup, proximity to the essentials; but also stands for a sustainable abode that introduces you to the idea of smart living.

We have built a close-knit community for you, one that is convenient and can boast of an ease. One that brings families together. Palm Heights is dedicated to biophilia, with every aspect of it encouraging more meaningful interactions. The homes have been designed keeping affordable luxury in mind. They comprise of a beautifully convenient modular kitchen with just the apt space for your valuables, smart storage options and extensive daylighting. Our high-rises are surrounded with lush greenery and a captivating view of the Aravalli; situated at a strategic distance from all things necessary. Equipped with gymnasiums, gardens with jogging paths & walking areas, a swimming pool, tennis, and other courts and most importantly a creche for your most precious belongings to feel safe and loved, our intention has been to make your life secure and hassle-free.

Imagine yourself shopping for an ideal home with a cart, what are the things you’d put in it? Open spaces, green surroundings, a smart and spacious kitchen, ample amenities, an inviting bathroom with a touch of luxury, a sense of positivity and lots of daylight. Looks like Santa this year has transformed your charette into a beautiful reality called Palm Heights! It is a labor of love that has been designed for you to dream big and live free, it is time to #riseup!

Come, be a part of our family.



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