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Now a clutter-free home is just a few steps away. Learn with Marie Kondo

Learn the effective art of tidying up here!


‘Does this spark joy in your life?’ has become an anthem in a lot of lives lately. If you are familiar with Marie Kondo, you will recognize this phrase instantly. Marie is an organizational consultant/tidying expert who advises you on how to keep your house tidy. What really strikes you when you watch her or read about her is that her concepts are so real and relatable, they can well be extended into our everyday lives. We shall tell you how.

The basic principle of Marie’s KonMari art of organizing is that you retain only the items that fill you up with joy and the ones that don’t, you purge. Realistically speaking in our lives, if we could just keep the things/people/relationships that make us happy and let go of the rest, won’t that make our lives so de-cluttered? Hence, there is more to Marie’s philosophy than what catches your eye. She started studying the art of tidying when she was just a teenager and her journey to becoming the most sought-after consultant worldwide, is an inspiration! Her method is not just art, it brings about a change in perspective.

Here, we break down our learnings from KonMari that teaches us exactly how to go about managing clutter in your house.


She says it is advisable to go sorting by categories and not rooms. For example, tackle clothes as a category and not be finishing everything in your room before you move on to the kids’. She even has a pre-defined flow of how categories must be handled-

Clothes-> Books-> Other papers-> Komono-> Sentimental Items

Komono comprises of kitchen, garage, bathrooms and other miscellaneous items. Stack everything up and start picking out one thing at a time. Hold it in your hands and if it doesn’t spark joy, let go of it in full. This way, the items that you do decide to keep will be the ones that you really aspire to use. As far as possible, she says, stick to the order of categories and keep the sentimental items to the last because that is when your sensitivity to joy is at its maximum.

Letting go

Once you have decided to purge, detach yourself from it. But wait! Before that thank it for the role it played in your life and fill up a box of such things. Finish discarding before you move on to storing. You can consider donating your belongings. Purging of things that were bought unnecessarily or things that have been kept around waiting to be used, creates more space for the things that are respected and actually used. You shall find yourself much more sorted the next time you visit a shop because your mind would have de-cluttered itself and, in all likelihood, you shall not buy something you don’t need.

Storage and respect

Marie insists that the items you do decide to keep with you must be treated with utmost respect. Do not store them shabbily and give them the respect they deserve. Instead of stuffing them in a big almirah, go for smaller drawers with categorizations. Avoid vertical stacking because that might suffocate your belongings, you must allow them space to breathe. If you decide to hang them, do so in a slope like fashion; from short to long or vice versa.

Application of KonMari is uncomplicated once you set your mind to it. So, let us get tidied up! How was your KonMari experience? We would love to exchange notes in the comments below.

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