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Let There Be Light

Diwali Decor Ideas


A country that celebrates all the countless festivals in full glory, Diwali holds a special place in our hearts. One of the very few festivals celebrated with the same zeal and fervor around the country, Diwali is the diminutive form of Deepawali, which literally means ‘a row of lights’ and celebrates (as we all know from countless retelling in the form of Ram Leela) the homecoming of the God, the King Ram. Over the past few centuries, as our culture evolved, the festival has taken up a life of its own, with its own unique set of traditions, rituals and recipes. When it comes to your home, Diwali comes with a set of must-haves. Here is a small checklist to see if your home is Diwali ready this year.

No Indian festival would ever be right without its requisite amount of flowers. Traditionally the most auspicious form of welcome into a household for kings and guests alike, flower arrangements in the form of Rangoli or just old school flower garlands around the doors are an integral part of our Diwali festivities.

An ode to our heritage rich with art, the Rangoli is a timeless exhibition of our passion for colours, life and dynamism, all of which are synonymous with Diwali. A myriad variety of patterns, each with its unique story and flavour are drawn on the floor to welcome home the gods and guests alike.

Since time immemorial, Diyas or small earthen lamps have become a symbol of the victory of good over evil, of light over darkness. According to folklore, the triumphant return of Lord Ram and Sita to Ayodhya was marked by diyas placed by the people of the kingdom to welcome home their rightful king.

Over the last few decades, Kandils have become another welcome addition to our traditional Diwali festivities. These paper / fabric lanterns are often homemade by the children in the family and are today an integral part of our Diwali home decor.

Sky Lantern
Sky Lanterns today are fast replacing the loud and polluting crackers as the staple Diwali fanfare. A true sight to behold, Sky Lanterns are lit and released into the air by families together with prayers and supplications for the gods above.



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