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Kill smog the green way

Anti pollution indoor plants


If you recently started taking interest in the air-purifier and organic paint ads, you have probably been underestimating the purification capabilities of indoor plants. With the outside pollution rising at an alarming rate and our hi-tech indoor world facing its own emissions, it’s time we turn to the nature for solution. Indoor air pollution, as per the EPA, is one of the top five threats to human health and is associated with numerous ailments including asthma, headaches, chemical hypersensitivity and even cancer. In large part because of chemicals that outgas from items such as furnishings, finishes and household cleaners, indoor concentrations of many pollutants are two to five times greater than outdoor levels. This is particularly concerning given that we spend up to 90 percent of our time indoors.Sure, we all know about and most of us have already been using the masks ranging from simple cloth ones to the more specific N95 to keep ourselves as protected as possible but we suggest you take a moment and go through the list of indoor plants we have specially compiled for you.

Aloe Vera

The name that sounds like something magical when you find it written on your face wash can actually be your code to cleaner, purer indoors. Yes, this plant absorbs carbon dioxide, formaldehyde and carbon monoxide as well as 9 air-purifiers working together. What’s more, you can still use it for your cosmetic purposes.

Money Plant

As a child if you used to think they are supposed to bring you monetary gain, your childhood was a lie. Because truth is, it gives you something even more precious – pure indoors. Our humble money plant can attack chemicals and many other pollutants in the air. Just give it some medium, indirect sun and keep it watered. Caution: can be harmful to your pets.

Mother-in-law’s Tongue

Don’t go by the name. This one actually attacks toxicity in the air and is ideal for your bedroom since it produces oxygen at night. Comfortable in both sunlight and dim light, it also doesn’t get thirsty so quick. Again toxic to your cat and dog, but deserves to be on your list for its amazing purification abilities.

Dragon Tree

A Madagascarian by birth, this one is very popular around the world for removing xylene, trichloroethylene and toluene (found in gasoline). Available in four main varieties and known for its impressive 6’ height, this one flourishes in semi-shade and moist soil.

Areca Palm

It’scommon name leaves no doubt why is it so popular among indoor plants. Referred to as “The Living Room Plant”, it converts carbon dioxide into oxygen like magic and also removes many pollutants from the air. Four shoulder-high plants per person is what the environmentalists suggest. Grows best in filtered light and drinks lot of water every day.

With so many options available, you must be planning your visit to the local nursery soon. And just in case your nursery has run out of stock, there’s always online shopping to the rescue.


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