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Independent House Or An Apartment- the Age-Old Conundrum!

It has been an endless debate for years together but without a clear winner


At the onset, we’d like to be clear that we are not here to take sides. Because it is your house and your dreams that are being designed in bricks and mortar; hence, it only makes sense that you get to pick the design. It has been an endless debate for years together- deciding between an independent house and an apartment/flat but without a clear winner. What you have gained, though, is enough perspective to help you reach a conclusion.

Allow us to provide you with some factual comparison, to help you decide-

  • Flexibility of expansion and design

    If you are a family of two, your decisions about whether or not to have children and how big a house to buy have a deep correlation. When investing in a flat, you might be forced to buy a bigger house in anticipation of an expanding family whereas when building an independent house, you can restrict it to the size that you want. This is because you always have the flexibility of adding to what has been built.

    Also, an independent house can be designed the way you want. You can practically sketch your dream house on a paper and an architect can have it made for you. But that comes with its own set of challenges. You will have to design the plumbing, electricity etc. and make it a self-sustaining unit; something that is always taken for granted in an apartment building because the developer constructs all flats uniformly.

  • Consider the costs

    In any tier I city, buying a plot of land and building a house in all probability will prove to be more expensive. Primarily because there is a scarcity of land and hence, whatever land is available is bound to be highly-priced. Moreover, add to this the cost of labour, interior designer, architect etc; which again are not very cheap in tier I cities.

    In an apartment building, you save on a lot of these costs because the developer takes care of it for you. Even the construction-permissions and legalities of it all. Having said that, a tier II city may offer you a profitable deal when it comes to an independent house. The plot of land for a similar amount of money will be higher in size for a tier II city than a tier I. Identifying exactly this requirement, Emaar India has launched Jaipur Greens. These types of projects help our customers fulfil their dreams of building their own houses.

  • Security and Privacy

    A flat provides you with more security because it is located in a gated community that will have a 24×7 surveillance, in all likelihood. Some of the societies even have a different pedestrian area where cars are not allowed. In an independent house, this can be a challenge as you kids cannot be left alone on the road with the cars speeding by or the elderly need to be more careful.

    At the same time, there is more privacy in an independent house vis a vis a flat where residents might face intrusion.

  • Amenities and Facilities

    An independent house does not normally come with amenities unless you pay to create them. In fact, just to create the basic power back up will cost you money. In a flat, however, these amenities are provided by the developer. Various amenities like a clubhouse, sports facilities, technological advancements etc. are a parcel of the developer is offering.

For example, Emaar Digi Homes, Gurugram, provides you with a unique opportunity to be a part of the smart homes community without you having to spend a penny on changing the wires or smartifying your home. If you were to do this from scratch in your independent house, the process would cost you quite a bit of money.

We understand that DIY is the new way of accomplishing things, but do indulge in a detailed analysis to figure if the costs/efforts justify the benefits and also take you closer to your place of Zen.

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