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How Is Investing In Mohali’s Real Estate A Safe And Profitable Investment?


In the recent years, Mohali has emerged as a highly lucrative investment destination. With its affordable property prices, investors and homebuyers are looking to gain handsome returns with a comparatively small and stable investment in Mohali’s real estate.

Here are some compelling reasons to invest in residential property in Mohali:

1.Upcoming business hub:

Mohali is being hailed as the next big IT hub in India, as more and more IT companies and corporates are exploring Mohali as the destination to expand their business and operations. This has led to a significant expansion in the commercial and residential projects in Mohali.

2.Rising demand for homes in Mohali:

With an increasing number of corporates and IT firms setting up a base in Mohali, the demand for residential property here is also increasing exponentially, especially among professionals associated with these sectors. Moreover, the saturation of Chandigarh has resulted in homebuyers now exploring their options in Punjab’s capital satellite town.

3.Fast-developing infrastructure:

The government of Mohali is focused on expanding the infrastructure in the area. The process of setting up a world-class transportation system is currently underway, while other civic amenities like roads, schools, hospitals and residential projects are becoming the centre of attention in Mohali.

4.Wide range of civic amenities:

Apart from employment hubs, banks and ATMs, the social infrastructure of Mohali—including schools, hospitals and marketplaces—is steadily gaining prominence. The health and education infrastructure is excellent, and the city is safe, well-maintained and well-connected by road, railways and air.

5.Excellent ROI:

The property prices in Mohali are comparatively affordable, and homebuyers and investors can gain significantly in terms of ROI by making a small investment here. Residential plots are considered as one of the most lucrative investment options in Mohali.

Looking to make the perfect investment in Mohali? Emaar India presents Mohali Hills, a premium project with residential plots in Mohali.

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