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Flourish With Positivity

Vastu Tips for Your Home


Vastu is the ancient Indian science of design and construction that has time and again proven its benefits by turning around lives of people who followed it. As a developer of mega communities, Emaar India believes that a house is not just about four walls and a roof but a space where happiness dwells, bonds are developed and people grow together as a family.

So whether it’s your new house getting its first makeover or an old house being redone, here are some Vastu tips you can use to create the best environment possible for you and your loved ones.


The Kitchen

The source of your family’s health, this place needs your attention the most. Not only a bad kitchen design can bring in negative vibes, it can harm the health of the one who is in command of this corner.

Best Directions:

Entry Door North, East or West
Cooking Gas South-East Corner
Refrigerator South-East, South, North or West
Sink North-East or North-West Corner



1. Kitchen in north quadrant tend to affect health of female members.

2. Avoid placing dining table in the center of kitchen.

3. Slope of the water flow should be from Southwest towards Northeast.

4. There should be no toilets and bathrooms adjoining, and above or below the kitchen.


The Dining Room

Traditional, glamorous or romantic, whatever look you give to this section, just keep in mind that it’s a place that gets most of your family time.

Best Directions:

Wash Basin North-East
Microwave, Radio or TV South-East
Windows North or East
Door East, North or West



1. Dining table must be rectangle or square.

2. Must never stick to the wall.

3. Dining room must never be next to the toilet.

4. Lighting in the room must be relaxed and easy.


The Bedroom

Your private space, your thinkingroom and a space where you knit dreams about your future. Bedroom is the place where you relax and gather all the positivity for the next day. Here’s what you can do to ensure that you wake up fresh and positively charged every morning.

Best Directions:

Bedroom South-West, South, West or North-West
Attached Bathroom West or North
Furniture South, West or South-West
Mirror Avoid or North-East



1. Door of attached bathroom should always remain closed.

2. Ideal colors for walls are light shades of rose, blue & green.

3. There should be no window behind bed.

4. Bedroom in east direction is ideal for unmarried children.


The Drawing Room

It’s the room where you allow people to enter your private space. So just keeping a few Vastu points in mind can help you ensure that your guests enjoy their visit and the negative energies if any keep at bay.

Best Directions:

Windows East or North
Door North or East
Furniture South or West
AC or Cooler West or North



1. Color of the walls should be white or light green. No dark colors.

2. Place TV or AC in the Southeast.

3. Artificial flowers should not be displayed in the drawing room.

4. Paintings depicting beauty of nature or scenery should be used to generate positive energy.


The Kids’ Room

A negative environment can make your child lazy and depressed the same way as a positive place can make him cheerful and active. So choosing the colors and elements and their position in accordance with Vastu can really do magic with this hub of creation.

Best Directions:

Children Room West
Bed South-West
Study Table North, East or North-East
Cabinets or Closets South or West



1. Door of the room should not face the bed directly.

2. Furniture should be avoided in middle or center of the room.

3. Keep all furnishing 3” away from the wall.

4. Do not place any mirror in front of the bed.


The Study Room

Studying needs concentration for you to gain the maximum out of it. So while you keep the design and elements minimalist to avoid unwanted distractions, a Vastu-friendly design can ensure that you get a peaceful environment to gather all the positivity.

Best Directions:

Study Room North-East, East or West
Book Rack South or West
Table Lamp South-East



1. Students should face North or East while studying.

2. A beam should never run above your head while studying.

3. Toilets in the study room should be avoided.

4. Bookshelf should never be planned above the study table.


The Pooja Room

Just like every subject of human aspect is governed with some rules, the art of worshipping has got its prerequisites too. After all, it’s important that all the positivity of this room stays there to give you your share of it every morning.

Best Directions:

Pooja Room North, East or North-East
Door North or East
Window North or East
Lamp Stand South-East



1. Face East or North, while worshipping.

2. Copper vessels should only be used for water-collection.

3. Color of the walls should be white, lemon or light blue.

4. Marble, if used, should be white.


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