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Emaar India- valuing the customer life cycle at every stage


Did you know, a Walker study found that by the year 2020, customer experience (CX) will overtake price and product as the key brand differentiator? CX spans from the first second that the customer gets in touch with you till the time he/she is using your product. We, at Emaar India, are extremely particular about the kind of experience we provide to our customers; especially after the sales process is over. We believe that it is after the buying-selling that the customer gets to experience the brand’s values and ethos.

At the core of Emaar India’s dedication towards our customers, is the want to create a family that stands together no matter what. We want our customers to be aware that we are always behind them and that we shall constantly work towards bettering their quality of lives.

Here are some initiatives taken by Emaar India in the endeavour of delighting our customers-

Community Events

 Our on-site teams take immense pleasure in organizing various get-togethers for festivals and occasions. The aim is to make it a memorable time for our residents. We understand your busy schedules and how difficult it is to create such moments for your family and children; hence, we take the prerogative to do it. All such initiatives have been met with tremendous and overwhelming responses from our customers.

Super Hero Competition

Independence Day

We- The Women

FMS touch-points

 Each of our projects is equipped with an FMS (Facilities Management Services) touchpoint for customer queries/complains/grievances. Our employees are just a call away and will attend and tend to your homes like their own. For example, our FMS facility at Mohali Hills, Mohali has become an indispensable part of the community. The residents are very pleased with the services and value the convenience that has been brought into their homes because of this initiative.

Customer Emailers

 Emaar India likes to be in touch with our customers to facilitate two-way communication with them. We regularly send emailers to the customers in order to keep them up to date with any offers, projects or developments within the organization. Similarly, we constantly appreciate and support feedback from the customers in any form.

We truly believe that the way to a customer’s heart is to build relationships. And we try our best to build a community that is representative of this fact; a place where the residents enjoy living; a place that you can proudly call your dream house. Our doors for our customers are always open!


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