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Your easy document checklist before the new flat possession


The ingredients to your perfect new abode are dreams, aspirations, square feet, EMIs and a lot of paperwork. Try as you might to romanticize this process of selecting your beautiful habitat, there will be a new set of documents each time to bring you back to reality. A necessity. The sought-after documents, deeds and certificates are the bridge between you and the builder, after all.

We, at Emaar India, stand for transparency. What you see, is what you pay for, is what you get! We do understand that the documentation part can be slightly intimidating. But we are determined to help you take the DIY route to this hurdle! Does it bother you that the documents you have checked are not enough? Well, it won’t, going further.

Let us decode the documentation mystery for you. Below listed are the documents you absolutely must check before the possession of the new house-

Mother Deed

This is the mother of all documents entailing the chain of ownership of the house. Yes, you ought to check your name on it; but you also need to check the seller’s name on it, amongst other things. It needs to be made sure that the seller is the current legal owner of that property. This is especially crucial in the case of resale of a property.

Sanctioned Building Plan

The licensing authority has approved a building plan of the house/society, inevitably. Let’s grab that to check if the houses are in tandem with the approved plan. If not, do make sure to ask for the amendment of layout approval.

Tax Receipt

Yes, taxes! This one’s tricky though. Guess who is supposed to pay a penalty if the tax has not been paid? You, the buyer. Hence make sure all taxes are paid and receipts submitted to you.

Encumbrance Certificate

This is a declaration issued by the sub-registrar about any kind of loans/mortgages the property might be due for. If your house has been built on a loan, you have the right to know how much.

Completion/ Occupancy Certificate

While the former is self-explanatorily issued by the municipal authorities to declare that project completed; the latter is a certificate issued by the government deeming the property safe for residency.

Power of Attorney

The legalities of it aside, we must know whether the person selling the house is allowed to sell the property or no. A POA signifies that. Also, a POA is required for further selling/transferring of the property.

There, a complete checklist at your fingertips. It is usually the buyer’s responsibility to take a safe handover of the property. What if we tell you, at Emaar India, we take this load off your shoulders? Read it right! Come visit us at Palm Heights, a beautiful array of dream homes overlooking the Aravallis at sector 77, Gurugram. We make the transfer our own responsibility so that buying your own home remains the beautiful experience that it is supposed to be. Come be a part of this luxury!


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