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Different customers, Varying needs, Customized offerings- That’s Emaar India for you!

We strongly believe in providing you with a home that truly feels yours in every sense


Emaar India takes pride in extensive research of our customer segments to identify the supply-demand gaps. Furthermore, we design our projects heavily in reliance on this research. We strongly believe in providing you with a home that truly feels yours in every sense; as if it has been made-to-order only for you. Every team in the organization works with its focus steadily towards achieving this aim. The secret lies in the will to innovate. In this ever-dynamic real estate industry where the trends are so rapidly changing, we believe in constantly reinventing our strategies and processes in order to build more sustainable, attractive and closer-to-heart homes.

Allow us to take you through our offerings so that you can pick the one that is in tandem with your needs-

  • High-Rise apartments-These are the high-rise buildings which are within a gated community with 24×7 security and a host of amenities on offer. Our locations are picked such that there is always a mesmerizing view from your balcony; also, the infrastructure is designed such that the usual conundrum of which floor to look at is nullified. It would not matter which floor or tower you stay at when proximity and accessibility to all the amenities have been carefully designed.Emaar Palm Heights is one such community that brings luxury to intertwine with a smartly-designed home space. Comprising of 3 bedrooms, a lounge and a utility, it also provides you with a magnificent view of the Aravalis.

  • Smart homes-The entire world is digitizing itself, so we thought, why not us? Smart homes embody the very basics of life today- convenience, comfort and inclusivity. They are based on the concept of the Internet of Things (IoT), which basically implies that each and everything in your house can be now accessed and managed remotely. All such devices shall be integrated, interconnected and electronically controlled from a single device/application.
    Emaar Digi Homes is a project being constructed with a lot of love and labour in order to provide you with the intelligent lifestyle that you need and deserve today. Apart from the smart design, we have also focussed on sustainable construction that has resulted in a GRIHA rating of 4. Digitized, yet green; that is the way forward!

  • Builder-floor apartments-Bringing you an old-school feel, are the builder floor communities which are also gated along with 24×7 security. Such projects bring to life many memories of your childhood and cover a much greater land area to provide you with a sense of greenery, independent space and vastness. It also provides the customers with a sense of safety, since they are closer to the ground while the amenities provided remain similar to the high-rise apartments.Emaar Emerald Floors is one such low-rise apartments community that has a royal-villa touch to it. The spacious villas are aesthetically designed and made ideal for your little ones and the rest of the family. Away from all the noise of the city, the project uses the Spanish style architecture that makes for cohesive designs.
  • Residential Plots-Even though almost every combination of location and design imaginable, exists today, we sure understand the need you might feel to build your own home from scratch. Hence, residential plots are an ideal mix of the gated community culture and a DIY approach to the houses. These projects bring you the convenience of taking care of your needs and nuances and also give you the flexibility of expanding or shrinking the design.

    Emaar Jaipur Greens and Emaar Indore Greens are our contributions to the ever-growing culture of the many upcoming cities. These cities are going through rapid infrastructural and industrial developments and are calling out for you to make them your home. The locations of these projects are extremely strategic, providing you with convenient accessibility and exposure to the necessities.

We thrive on your contentment and happiness, and it has been a gratifying journey till now. Are you still dreaming of a home different than the ones we listed down? You dream on, and we shall fulfill those dreams!

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