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Design recipes served hot

Kitchen trends for 2018


The source of your family’s health and freshness can’t be dull and drab. So, whether you are doing the kitchen of your new abode or just freshening up your existing kitchen, allow us to read out the menu for you compiled by some of the best interior designers around the globe.

Pretty Pastels

Pastels are a great way to inject some life into your cooking space especially when you are going for contrasts. And if you are trying to create individuality without going too bold, pastels make ideal partners for wood effect finishes. They also act as a perfect highlighter if you want to bring out a certain feature of your kitchen.


Hardworking Islands

If you are lucky to have a good spacious kitchen, it has to have an island. Go for breakfast bar seating if you wish to incorporate your dining also into the kitchen area. Moreover, add a small sink or hob to it and look forward to some great cooking time together.


Trough Sink

For the avid entertainer you are, a multifunctional trough sink is the perfect addition to the kitchen. Use it for chilling your oysters, champagne, growing herbs or just as a traditional sink. But it’s a must have if you want to add that “wow factor” to your home.


Living Walls  

Planning to have a garden just outside your kitchen? Why not bring it in? With botanicals trending for last few years now, having a feature-wall made from moss is the next big thing. A simple way for a striking visual effect, natural moss also offers great acoustic absorption.


Unpolished Timbers

From statement wall veneers to unique cabinetry and shelving, unpolished timbers add texture and intrigue to your kitchen. And are on top of the list of interior decorators for 2018.


Appliance Garage

Who says only your luxury sedan deserves one? Embrace the minimalist trend with this smart storage idea and keep your toasters and coffee makers off the shelf to reduce counter clutter.


Personalized Tiles

Yes, there are color tools online that allow you to choose from hundreds of patterns and palettes custom create your kitchen tiles. Once you order, the designs are delivered to you in less than 2 months.


Handles Are Back

Before you freeze that linear ‘handle-less door’ look, the designers have a news for you – handles are back. Ornate handles on modern cabinets and bright coppers or rose golds against shaker-style drawers are going to be seen in interior magazines for some good time now. Go a step further and you may also find matching accessories and appliances instead of the monotonous steel.

While there’s lot more you can do with your kitchen, do what brings out your personal style the best possible way. Hope you got some thought starters!


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