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Customer Brand Engagement

Diwali Initiative


From the time you move in to a house to the time you have made it home, every first experience there is special in its own way. The first “no furniture” party, first pillow fight, first coffee table which was actually a carton or even the first treasure hunt when you are busy finding what’s in what box. Every first in your new abode is a memory overload. So when it is your first big festival in that dream home, it has to be special in more ways than one. And that’s why, we at Emaar decided to make #OurFirstDiwaliTogetherwith our residents, Emaar special.

It all began with our wish to celebrate the festival with our mega Emaar family. We sent our greetings and expressed our wish to decorate their homes for this special Diwali. But not only did they allow us to dress up their homes like our own but they doubled our enthusiasm with their keen participation and awe-inspiring inputs. With the members of our FMS team, the residents of our mega community gave us several mega moments to remember. Flowers, lights, lamps, chandeliers and rangoli did make it all picturesque but what really sparkled and outshined them all was the joy that we saw on the faces of our mega Emaar family and the touching response that could not be justified by a few pictures.

So, we thought of eternalizing it all with a short film – something we can always replay to relive this another very special ‘first’ we named #OurFirstDiwaliTogether.


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