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Create Their Wonderland

Design Ideas For Your Child’s Room


Creating an ideal world for your little angels begins from the home, in fact from their very own room. But as a parent the first thing you need to do while doing your kids’ room is to think like your kid. Because while you need to take care of the practicality part, let’s be honest, your imagination can never reach where they can. So while you can really go overboard and make it appear straight from the world of Harry Potter, Calvin & Hobbes, Ice Age, Narnia or even Donald Duck, here are a few ideas with all budgets, styles and fuss levels catered for.

The Gamer

There is no kid in this entire world who is not fond of games. It’s just about finding out the gamer in your lad. And sneak peek into his hideout would tell you whether he belongs to the world of Mario, Michael Jordan or Michael Schumacher. A bed with a car-front, a cupboard with Mario blocks or a basketball half court design is all the twist you need.


When we were younger, we believed that we could be anything and do anything. It is only when we grow older; we realize that our dreams of becoming a superhero, a sailor or an astronaut were not that practical. However, you can still encourage your children by creating their dream world, so that they wake up to their inspiration everyday. A ship-shaped bed suspended from the ceiling, smart use of ropes, fishnet or a reading table with a few spaceship knobs. Let us fuel their inspiration.

The House of Secrets

Kids love surprises. A hidden bed, a secret cupboard, a secret slide passage, a trap door or a Narnia passage… there’s so much you can do. So what if they discover some or the other revelations everyday, surprises are never enough!

Gulliver’s World

Giant pillows, huge cotton puzzle blocks, a roof high windmill or even a giant chair… create a world of Gulliver for your Lilliput.


If your little one loves to stay outdoors and amongst greens, how about bringing those greens inside? A room with hints of Mother Nature just does the trick. Wallpapers, stuffed toys of their favorite animals, an artificial tree in a corner or maybe some real creepers embracing the window wall. Sounds like a space right out of the Jungle Book, it’s the best gift you can give your little Mowgli.


And if all of the above seem to be an uphill task, just make the room your child’s canvas. Blank walls with washable or magic paint, and a bucket full of colorful chalks and pencils is all you need. Or just turn one of the walls into a blackboard for your Einstein.

Hope you enjoyed the tips for designing and organizing a playful space for your kid’s room!


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