Park Right With RERA

Today when it seems that there are more vehicles on road than people, it’s obvious that the first question you ask when buying a house is “Does it have enough parking space?” It’s a luxury that everyone needs but not all can afford. So it’s still a question whether a car park is a paid thing or not. So here are the answers to all the questions that are popping up in your mind right now, pertaining to parking.

a) What is a Garage?

Under Section 2(Y) of the Real Estate Regulation Act 2016, ‘garage’ has been defined as a place with a roof and walls on 3 sides but clearly excludes an uncovered or unenclosed parking area (in other words, an open parking space). The Act also explicitly refers to basement, stairway, elevators, lobby area and parks as common areas.

b) Can open parking space be sold to allottees?

Open parking can’t be sold under RERA, as they come under common areas, which needs to be conveyed to the Association of Allottees after receiving Occupancy Certificate, and hence the sale of the same is not permissible. Section 17 of the RERA Act also says the promoter has to transfer to the society title common areas and handover their possession. This means that it can’t clearly be sold to an individual.

c) What about stilt parking?

Stilt parking area is not to be treated as a garage. As per law, it is not saleable independently as a flat or even along with the flat.

So, next time you ask that same question “Does it have a parking?”, you know what your next question should be.


Kill smog the green way

If you recently started taking interest in the air-purifier and organic paint ads, you have probably been underestimating the purification capabilities of indoor plants. With the outside pollution rising at an alarming rate and our hi-tech indoor world facing its own emissions, it’s time we turn to the nature for solution. Indoor air pollution, as per the EPA, is one of the top five threats to human health and is associated with numerous ailments including asthma, headaches, chemical hypersensitivity and even cancer. In large part because of chemicals that outgas from items such as furnishings, finishes and household cleaners, indoor concentrations of many pollutants are two to five times greater than outdoor levels. This is particularly concerning given that we spend up to 90 percent of our time indoors.Sure, we all know about and most of us have already been using the masks ranging from simple cloth ones to the more specific N95 to keep ourselves as protected as possible but we suggest you take a moment and go through the list of indoor plants we have specially compiled for you.

Aloe Vera

The name that sounds like something magical when you find it written on your face wash can actually be your code to cleaner, purer indoors. Yes, this plant absorbs carbon dioxide, formaldehyde and carbon monoxide as well as 9 air-purifiers working together. What’s more, you can still use it for your cosmetic purposes.

Money Plant

As a child if you used to think they are supposed to bring you monetary gain, your childhood was a lie. Because truth is, it gives you something even more precious – pure indoors. Our humble money plant can attack chemicals and many other pollutants in the air. Just give it some medium, indirect sun and keep it watered. Caution: can be harmful to your pets.

Mother-in-law’s Tongue

Don’t go by the name. This one actually attacks toxicity in the air and is ideal for your bedroom since it produces oxygen at night. Comfortable in both sunlight and dim light, it also doesn’t get thirsty so quick. Again toxic to your cat and dog, but deserves to be on your list for its amazing purification abilities.

Dragon Tree

A Madagascarian by birth, this one is very popular around the world for removing xylene, trichloroethylene and toluene (found in gasoline). Available in four main varieties and known for its impressive 6’ height, this one flourishes in semi-shade and moist soil.

Areca Palm

It’scommon name leaves no doubt why is it so popular among indoor plants. Referred to as “The Living Room Plant”, it converts carbon dioxide into oxygen like magic and also removes many pollutants from the air. Four shoulder-high plants per person is what the environmentalists suggest. Grows best in filtered light and drinks lot of water every day.

With so many options available, you must be planning your visit to the local nursery soon. And just in case your nursery has run out of stock, there’s always online shopping to the rescue.


Lifestyle has a destination

The Palm Drive from Emaar has won the “Residential Project of the Year Award” at the prestigious DNA Real Estate & Infrastructure Awards 2016, and also made it to the list of “India’s Top 100 Luxury Projects 2015” by Realty Plus and JLL. Moreover, it holds the unique distinction of being the first residential project to be delivered on the Golf Course Extension road, Gurugram as well.

Designed for the handpicked, The Palm Drive offers a carefully crafted lifestyle that allows you to sit back and take delight in manicured and landscaped greens with exotic flora in the company of your loved ones. A home, which is more than just four walls, it offers a lifestyle community experience, which Emaar is known for worldwide. This mega community is spread over 37 acres and is currently home to hundreds of proud families. Architectural brilliance, innovative engineering and best-in-class service converge to create The Palm Drive, a coveted lifestyle destination.

If you are yet to join the Emaar community, a walk-through of The Palm Drive is the best way to begin. Ride in and you will be escorted by wide arterial roads and tree-lined avenues. But before you explore your future Emaar abode, you might like to stop and check out the
multi-facility health club with a unisex gym equipped with world-class machines, steam and sauna baths and much more. To top it up, there are facility areas for squash, billiards, dance and aerobics too. And the list just doesn’t end here. Step in to the luxurious clubhouse featuring a multi-cuisine restaurant and lounge area, two swimming pools, bowling alley and a mini-Cineplex.

Just like each and every element of the apartments at The Palm Drive, the facilities around have also been carefully handpicked to satiate the luxury taste buds of the connoisseur that you are, so, you celebrate stepping out of your apartment as much as you enjoy stepping in. The jogging trails, the green walkways, parks, and landscaped green spaces have all been planned in a manner that they together create a refreshingly green environment.

We understand that it is this affluent community lifestyle that has always appealed to you but what matters the most is the experience that you get when you walk in to the comfort of your home. So, when it came to creating The Palm Drive, we also settled for nothing but the best and chose globally renowned architects from Singapore to ensure that each and every corner of your personal space exhales luxury.

The Palm Drive by Emaar is indeed a reflection of the true Emaar lifestyle in India and a lifestyle destination for the handpicked.


Let There Be Light

A country that celebrates all the countless festivals in full glory, Diwali holds a special place in our hearts. One of the very few festivals celebrated with the same zeal and fervor around the country, Diwali is the diminutive form of Deepawali, which literally means ‘a row of lights’ and celebrates (as we all know from countless retelling in the form of Ram Leela) the homecoming of the God, the King Ram. Over the past few centuries, as our culture evolved, the festival has taken up a life of its own, with its own unique set of traditions, rituals and recipes. When it comes to your home, Diwali comes with a set of must-haves. Here is a small checklist to see if your home is Diwali ready this year.

No Indian festival would ever be right without its requisite amount of flowers. Traditionally the most auspicious form of welcome into a household for kings and guests alike, flower arrangements in the form of Rangoli or just old school flower garlands around the doors are an integral part of our Diwali festivities.

An ode to our heritage rich with art, the Rangoli is a timeless exhibition of our passion for colours, life and dynamism, all of which are synonymous with Diwali. A myriad variety of patterns, each with its unique story and flavour are drawn on the floor to welcome home the gods and guests alike.

Since time immemorial, Diyas or small earthen lamps have become a symbol of the victory of good over evil, of light over darkness. According to folklore, the triumphant return of Lord Ram and Sita to Ayodhya was marked by diyas placed by the people of the kingdom to welcome home their rightful king.

Over the last few decades, Kandils have become another welcome addition to our traditional Diwali festivities. These paper / fabric lanterns are often homemade by the children in the family and are today an integral part of our Diwali home decor.

Sky Lantern
Sky Lanterns today are fast replacing the loud and polluting crackers as the staple Diwali fanfare. A true sight to behold, Sky Lanterns are lit and released into the air by families together with prayers and supplications for the gods above.



Do what is right

Home loans, undoubtedly, can realize your dreams but knowing how they work is the surest way to avoid tiff and lenders. So before you apply for one, here are a few DOs and DON’Ts we would like you to remember and protect your dream from turning into a nightmare.

Go for a pre-approved loan
Remove chances of last minute rejection of your home loan, because of what banks often refer to as a “minor technical aspect” that can leave you with no other choice other than switching to a private bank offering loan at a higher rate of interest. So it is always advisable to get a pre-approved loan if you are planning to buy a property in the near future. Not only will you get better rates but a sure and timely loan too. And you won’t miss the bus when you have finally found your dream home. Please note that a pre-approved loan is usually valid up to 6 months.

Read and understand the terms and conditions carefully
Even if it is a bulky document, read it thoroughly to avoid feeling cheated or fooled later. Sometimes lenders may nod to certain points but in the end only what’s on the paper is taken into consideration. So, don’t expect the company representative to educate you. Almost everything you want to know is easily available on the internet. Talk to your friends, spend some time online and do get acquainted with terms like EMI, fixed vs. floating rate, fault, BPLR, etc. This will help you in making an informed decision while buying a property or at least it will help you make a nice impression whenever the topic pops up.

‘Fixed’ may not actually mean fixed
If you have ever been in a loan conversation with a bank before, you must have heard the terms fixed rates and floating rates. Theoretically, fixed means the interest rate will remain constant for the entire duration of the loan. But always remember that fixed is never really fixed and only when you read the terms carefully, you will realize that the bank reserves the right to change the rate of interest after a fixed time period or in a given situation. So while you can’t really do anything about it, we suggest you keep some money aside (whenever you fix the EMI) for such surprises and spare yourself those sleepless nights.

Compare to get a fair deal
If those customer care guys have been bugging you too with lucrative deals, you will know that there’s a lot of variation in the rates being offered by different banks. But don’t just get caught up with the rate of interest. Loan period, processing fee, security cover clause and free insurance etc. should also be taken into consideration. So, do compare and negotiate and you will definitely get the best deal available.

No leap of faith
What we mean is never ever overstretch yourself financially or get overoptimistic about cutting down your expenses while applying for a loan. The bank will evaluate your creditworthiness but you need to be realistic at the same time. Make sure that your EMI is not exceeding 40% of your salary. Don’t exhaust all your savings and keep aside an amount for increase in EMI or other emergencies.

Being forewarned is being forearmed, so keep the above in mind and get the best deal for yourself.


Create Their Wonderland

Creating an ideal world for your little angels begins from the home, in fact from their very own room. But as a parent the first thing you need to do while doing your kids’ room is to think like your kid. Because while you need to take care of the practicality part, let’s be honest, your imagination can never reach where they can. So while you can really go overboard and make it appear straight from the world of Harry Potter, Calvin & Hobbes, Ice Age, Narnia or even Donald Duck, here are a few ideas with all budgets, styles and fuss levels catered for.

The Gamer

There is no kid in this entire world who is not fond of games. It’s just about finding out the gamer in your lad. And sneak peek into his hideout would tell you whether he belongs to the world of Mario, Michael Jordan or Michael Schumacher. A bed with a car-front, a cupboard with Mario blocks or a basketball half court design is all the twist you need.


When we were younger, we believed that we could be anything and do anything. It is only when we grow older; we realize that our dreams of becoming a superhero, a sailor or an astronaut were not that practical. However, you can still encourage your children by creating their dream world, so that they wake up to their inspiration everyday. A ship-shaped bed suspended from the ceiling, smart use of ropes, fishnet or a reading table with a few spaceship knobs. Let us fuel their inspiration.

The House of Secrets

Kids love surprises. A hidden bed, a secret cupboard, a secret slide passage, a trap door or a Narnia passage… there’s so much you can do. So what if they discover some or the other revelations everyday, surprises are never enough!

Gulliver’s World

Giant pillows, huge cotton puzzle blocks, a roof high windmill or even a giant chair… create a world of Gulliver for your Lilliput.


If your little one loves to stay outdoors and amongst greens, how about bringing those greens inside? A room with hints of Mother Nature just does the trick. Wallpapers, stuffed toys of their favorite animals, an artificial tree in a corner or maybe some real creepers embracing the window wall. Sounds like a space right out of the Jungle Book, it’s the best gift you can give your little Mowgli.


And if all of the above seem to be an uphill task, just make the room your child’s canvas. Blank walls with washable or magic paint, and a bucket full of colorful chalks and pencils is all you need. Or just turn one of the walls into a blackboard for your Einstein.

Hope you enjoyed the tips for designing and organizing a playful space for your kid’s room!