Is Gurgaon The Right Place To Book Your Dream Home?


Gurgaon—or Gurugram, which is its new official name—is a satellite city in the National Capital Region. Known for its world-class infrastructure and noteworthy real estate projects, Gurgaon is a popular investment destination among resident Indians as well as NRIs.

If you’re looking for affordable residential projects that offer seamless connectivity to Delhi, then Dwarka Expressway is the perfect place to explore. With smooth traffic conditions and excellent connectivity to the business hubs of Gurgaon, Dwarka Expressway makes for a lucrative realty investment destination.

Here’s why Dwarka Expressway in Gurgaon makes for the perfect place for your dream home.

1.Excellent connectivity:

Dwarka Expressway is a strategic location in NCR for more reasons than one. A National Highway in its own right, the area also shares excellent connectivity with NH8 (Delhi-Jaipur Highway). Indira Gandhi International Airport is easily accessible from here, while the Gurgaon Railway Station is about 11 km away. The locality also shares excellent connectivity with both Gurgaon and Delhi via road, rail and the metro, and is dotted with a range of civic amenities.

2.Employment hub:

Dwarka Expressway shares excellent connectivity to the biggest employment hubs in Gurgaon. When it comes to the corporate and tech world, Gurgaon is one of the most preferred commercial localities for such companies. From tech giants like Facebook and Google to new-age companies like Zomato, PayTM, MakeMyTrip and Uber, Gurgaon is one of the top destinations for the country’s best employment opportunities. Reliance-HSIIDC SEZ and Garhi Harsaru Dry Depot are among the employment hubs around Dwarka Expressway.

3.Civic amenities:

The area around Dwarka Expressway is equipped with a wide range of civic amenities, including reputed schools like Indus Valley Public School, Basant Valley Public School, Matrikiran High School, KIIT and IILM Undergraduate College. Some reputed hospitals in the area are Kamla Hospital, Dr Guri Skin Hospital, Family Multispeciality Hospital, Jain Sant Phool Chand Ji Charitable Hospital and Gautam Hospital.

Dwarka Expressway shares excellent connectivity to the reputed institutions in Gurgaon that include 6 leading management schools, more than 50 CBSE-affiliated schools and over 195 government-certified schools and educational institutions, like The Shri Ram School, Ardee World School and Pathways World School. Medanta Medicity, Paras Hospital, Artemis, Fortis, Columbia Asia and Max Hospital are the leading hospitals in Gurgaon.

4.Entertainment & lifestyle infrastructure:

From luxury hotels, shopping malls, artisanal cafés, pubs, clubs and fine dining restaurants, to well-maintained public parks, gymnasiums and entertainment zones, Dwarka Expressway offers you easy access to all these fine amenities in Gurgaon.

Looking to invest in a residential apartment in Gurgaon? Discover your dream home at Gurgaon Greens, a premium residential project by Emaar India.

Grow Your Greens At Home

Creating something always brings joy and a sense of accomplishment. It can be through a piece of art, a tasty dish or even a beautiful kitchen garden. Self-made kitchen gardens is the topic of discussion out there these days. All it takes to make a successful kitchen garden is some enthusiasm, some preparation and a whole lot of you.

First-of-all, let us list down what all you need to start your own vegetable garden. So go ahead and discover the perfect kitchen garden recipe.


Step 1: Pick your green corner

Zeroing on the location of your kitchen garden comes first. Choose the one that’s close to a water source and offers generous amount of sunlight. While most vegetables need 4-6 hours of light, anything over 6 hours makes it an ideal location. But for the place that gets 4 hours or less, salad gardening is a great alternative. If your balcony faces south or west, fruiting plants is the best option as these two directions get maximum exposure to the Sun. North-facing balconies get a good sunbath only during peak summers and are hence, a great option for planting salads and leafy greens. In case, you have lesser floor space, container gardening is a great way to grow salads as they can easily be hung in the balcony. A container of about 12” in diameter and 10-12” in height with 8-10 liters of potting medium is perfect to grow salads or leafy greens and can easily accommodate about 3 plants.


Step 2: Measure the space

Well, 10 square feet of space is enough to have a garden with a little variety. If you don’t have the luxury of space, container gardening is the best alternative, as mentioned above.


Step 3: Think of the vegetables you want to grow

We know you are already counting but specialists suggest that it’s always best to start small. The simplest way is to think about things your family members like to eat. But you are not yet done. Knowing how long a vegetable will take to harvest is equally important. Going for the short-term vegetables is a wise thing to do if you are a beginner. These include spinach, fenugreek, coriander, mint, lettuce and radish. However, if you think you can let your taste buds wait a little longer, tomatoes, brinjal, capsicum, chilli, cauliflower and cabbage are some of the commonly preferred long-term greens.


Step 4: Picking the right soil

Please ensure that if you are growing plants on the ground, the soil you use should be free from any debris or stones. However, it doesn’t matter when going for container gardening.


Step 5: Set your budget

Your kitchen garden’s produce highly depends upon your budget. The cost depends on the kind of set-up you want, ranging from mere nothing to several thousands. A container filled with potting mix can cost you anything between Rs.200 to Rs.400 depending on the quality of the container and the mix you buy.


Step 6: Gather all that you need


While Terracotta is an eco-friendly and also the most popular choice among gardening lovers, you can always go for a plastic or a wooden planter box if you find the former a bit too heavy. Just remember, the container should have at least one hole for easy drainage.


Two types of seeds are available in the market – open pollinated and hybrid. While the former give rise to the plants and give you the advantage of saving seeds for the next crop, the latter can’t be saved since the offspring is not the same as the parent plant.

Potting Mix

Mixing coco peat and compost in equal proportions can give you an ideal potting mix with good hold and sufficient nutrition.


While there are different types of fertilizers available in both organic as well as synthetic categories, we suggest you go for the organic ones only. Vermicom post, manure and kitchen waste are popular forms of organic fertilizers.

Step 7: Know the set-up procedure!


There’s only one thumb rule – the seeds need to buried twice as deep as they are wide and as soon as they germinate, they need to be exposed to sunlight or they will become tall and lanky. Note that what seeds are to be sown depends on the location and time of the year.


Some plants can directly be sown in their final growing area, whereas certain plants have to be transplanted from one location to another. This is done for various reasons. For larger areas, it is easier to grow seedlings in one area and transplant healthy seedlings over a larger area when they are ready.

Staking/ Pruning

Taller plants have a tendency to bend or fall. Hence, a twine or a long stick is used to hold the plant in its position. If it’s a climber, creating a set structure is a common practice used which helps the plant to spread and sprawl.


Step 8: Nurture it every day!


Do it every day. Do it in the morning. And till the water drains from the bottom of the container. Properly watered plants can surprise you with their growth.


Just like us, the plants need their daily diet of nutrients. A handful of compost or manure every 10-15 days will keep the soil healthy.

Pest Control

Even the pests love a nice vegetable garden. The most common ones are Aphids, Mealy Bugs, Mites and Worms. Mix 10ml of neem oil, 1 liter of water and 5 ml of liquid dish-washing soap. Spray this solution on both sides of the leaves once a week. Besides, a little daily scouting to look for holes and cuts will help you identify the pest attack and act promptly.


Happy gardening!


From Influencers to decision makers- shifting roles for women in real estate!

Did you know, more than 30% of real estate investors in urban India today, are women? Gone are the Dark Ages of men riding the silver horse to come to the rescue of the damsel. Today’s woman is independent and looks more for companionship than support. We agree there is still a long way to go for the society to entirely change its view about women, but if the above-said number is anything to go by; we are certainly getting there sooner!

Buying a house of your own has always been a decision driven by patriarchy but these women home buyers of today have their reasons, and EMIs sorted. They are not afraid and nor are the men standing tall behind these women! Also, what helps is that the Indian Government has spearheaded a lot of policy changes that work in favour of the women who buy homes, in recent times. If that piqued your interest, below are the details-

Subsidized stamp duty-

Certain states in India have lowered the stamp duty for women home buyers to as low as 1-2%. What’s more? You can even claim the stamp duty and registration expense when filing your income tax return! Emaar India’s presence across the country accentuates the discount on stamp duty. Our properties in Mohali and Gurugram will fetch a woman home buyer 4% charges on stamp duty vis a vis 6% for men.

 Tax-related advantages-

If a woman co-owns a property with her partner, both the co-owners can claim a tax deduction up to Rs 1.5 Lakh on the principal amount and Rs 2 Lakh on the interest.  Further, it enhances your credit rating because you are applying as a combined entity. To know more about how to financially plan your first real estate investment, visit us here.

The banks chip-in-

A lot of banks in India that delve in home-loan provisioning have announced lower interest rates for women investors as compared to men. It does feel like a flock of supporters wanting the women to rise up to the occasion. Banks like HDFC provide an interest rate* in the range of 8.8 to 9.3% on a loan of Rs 30 Lakh and above to a woman, whereas the same for a man is 8.85% to 9.35%. Similar for SBI where women get 8.75% as compared to 8.8% for men (on a loan to value ratio <=80). The interest rates may show a variance starting from 0.05%.

Housing for All-

And the last straw is, of course, our Government’s Pradhan Mantri Awaas Yojana. It makes it mandatory for a female member of the family to co-own the house along with the male member, under the affordable housing schemes. Co-owing a house implies your loan eligibility increases, you can share the loan repayment responsibilities and avail better tax benefits as stated above. More importantly, if not done at the time of buying the house, you can always legally add a co-owner later by either selling a portion of your property to him/her or by gifting it.

So, what is stopping you from buying a home of your own? Provided that your monthly rents will be in tune with the EMIs (after possession) that you shall pay, women must certainly consider having an abode of their own. As more men continue to buy real estate on the merit of the women in the family, it not only creates a healthy mix of investments but also takes the weight of dependency off the women.

Emaar India firmly believes in and lauds the courage and strength of women. We have created a custom curated checklist for the first-time home buyer to make the path simpler for you. Emaar India’s projects are gender independent when they are planned and we aim to create a friendly habitat for the buyer irrespective of it being a man or a woman. We expect to see a pleasant rise in the number of women home buyers and we shall proudly stand beside them to help turn their dreams into realities!

*The interest rates mentioned are as on 7th Mar’19

Design recipes served hot

The source of your family’s health and freshness can’t be dull and drab. So, whether you are doing the kitchen of your new abode or just freshening up your existing kitchen, allow us to read out the menu for you compiled by some of the best interior designers around the globe.

Pretty Pastels

Pastels are a great way to inject some life into your cooking space especially when you are going for contrasts. And if you are trying to create individuality without going too bold, pastels make ideal partners for wood effect finishes. They also act as a perfect highlighter if you want to bring out a certain feature of your kitchen.


Hardworking Islands

If you are lucky to have a good spacious kitchen, it has to have an island. Go for breakfast bar seating if you wish to incorporate your dining also into the kitchen area. Moreover, add a small sink or hob to it and look forward to some great cooking time together.


Trough Sink

For the avid entertainer you are, a multifunctional trough sink is the perfect addition to the kitchen. Use it for chilling your oysters, champagne, growing herbs or just as a traditional sink. But it’s a must have if you want to add that “wow factor” to your home.


Living Walls  

Planning to have a garden just outside your kitchen? Why not bring it in? With botanicals trending for last few years now, having a feature-wall made from moss is the next big thing. A simple way for a striking visual effect, natural moss also offers great acoustic absorption.


Unpolished Timbers

From statement wall veneers to unique cabinetry and shelving, unpolished timbers add texture and intrigue to your kitchen. And are on top of the list of interior decorators for 2018.


Appliance Garage

Who says only your luxury sedan deserves one? Embrace the minimalist trend with this smart storage idea and keep your toasters and coffee makers off the shelf to reduce counter clutter.


Personalized Tiles

Yes, there are color tools online that allow you to choose from hundreds of patterns and palettes custom create your kitchen tiles. Once you order, the designs are delivered to you in less than 2 months.


Handles Are Back

Before you freeze that linear ‘handle-less door’ look, the designers have a news for you – handles are back. Ornate handles on modern cabinets and bright coppers or rose golds against shaker-style drawers are going to be seen in interior magazines for some good time now. Go a step further and you may also find matching accessories and appliances instead of the monotonous steel.

While there’s lot more you can do with your kitchen, do what brings out your personal style the best possible way. Hope you got some thought starters!


Unleash the potential

Some call it forced investment. Some call it retirement backup. But whatever you call it, it’s your hard-earned money that you probably forgot about while applying for a home loan. Most of the salaried employees have a provident fund but very few even know that they can withdraw from this fund for different purposes like purchasing, renovating or even constructing a house. So, we tried to gather some relevant information for you and make that decision-making a little easier.

If you are purchasing a house, constructing it or buying a plot…

The money can be withdrawn after 5 years of contribution.

• The money can be withdrawn after 5 years of contribution.
• You can also take the loan against your PF for the construction of a house on a plot owned by you, your wife or jointly owned by both.
• Loan for purchasing a plot will be restricted to 24 months basic salary and Dearness Allowance, and 36 months and Dearness Allowance in case you are purchasing a house or constructing one. (This is subject to the maximum of the lower of either the balance in your provident fund account or the cost of the plot)
• Please note that a joint purchase can only be done with your spouse.
• The construction has to begin within 6 months, and end within 12 months of withdrawal respectively.
• The purchase in case of a constructed house also needs to be made within 6 months of withdrawal.
• However, you can make the withdrawal in installments in both the cases.

 If you are renovating the house owned by you or your spouse…

• Withdrawals in this case can only be made 5 years post the completion of the construction.
• The house being renovated need not be same as the one you withdrew the funds for.
• You can withdraw money for renovation even if you don’t really need the money for renovation.
• The amount, in this case, is restricted to 12-month basic salary and Dearness Allowance (subject to lower of the balance relatable to employee’s share with interest in your account or the cost of such renovation)
• Do remember that the second withdrawal in this case can only be made after 10 years of the first.

If you need an advance to repay your housing loan…

• The advance can be taken to repay loans taken by you or your spouse
• The amount, in this scenario, cannot exceed 36-month basic salary and Dearness Allowance.
• The loan to be repaid can be taken by you or your spouse, only if you or your spouse are from specified entities like government/ state government, registered co-operative society, state housing board, nationalized banks, public financial institutions, municipal corporation or any development authority.

We hope you now know the power of your provident fund and how you can use it to the fullest to make or shape up that dream house of yours.


Flourish With Positivity

Vastu is the ancient Indian science of design and construction that has time and again proven its benefits by turning around lives of people who followed it. As a developer of mega communities, Emaar India believes that a house is not just about four walls and a roof but a space where happiness dwells, bonds are developed and people grow together as a family.

So whether it’s your new house getting its first makeover or an old house being redone, here are some Vastu tips you can use to create the best environment possible for you and your loved ones.


The Kitchen

The source of your family’s health, this place needs your attention the most. Not only a bad kitchen design can bring in negative vibes, it can harm the health of the one who is in command of this corner.

Best Directions:

Entry Door North, East or West
Cooking Gas South-East Corner
Refrigerator South-East, South, North or West
Sink North-East or North-West Corner



1. Kitchen in north quadrant tend to affect health of female members.

2. Avoid placing dining table in the center of kitchen.

3. Slope of the water flow should be from Southwest towards Northeast.

4. There should be no toilets and bathrooms adjoining, and above or below the kitchen.


The Dining Room

Traditional, glamorous or romantic, whatever look you give to this section, just keep in mind that it’s a place that gets most of your family time.

Best Directions:

Wash Basin North-East
Microwave, Radio or TV South-East
Windows North or East
Door East, North or West



1. Dining table must be rectangle or square.

2. Must never stick to the wall.

3. Dining room must never be next to the toilet.

4. Lighting in the room must be relaxed and easy.


The Bedroom

Your private space, your thinkingroom and a space where you knit dreams about your future. Bedroom is the place where you relax and gather all the positivity for the next day. Here’s what you can do to ensure that you wake up fresh and positively charged every morning.

Best Directions:

Bedroom South-West, South, West or North-West
Attached Bathroom West or North
Furniture South, West or South-West
Mirror Avoid or North-East



1. Door of attached bathroom should always remain closed.

2. Ideal colors for walls are light shades of rose, blue & green.

3. There should be no window behind bed.

4. Bedroom in east direction is ideal for unmarried children.


The Drawing Room

It’s the room where you allow people to enter your private space. So just keeping a few Vastu points in mind can help you ensure that your guests enjoy their visit and the negative energies if any keep at bay.

Best Directions:

Windows East or North
Door North or East
Furniture South or West
AC or Cooler West or North



1. Color of the walls should be white or light green. No dark colors.

2. Place TV or AC in the Southeast.

3. Artificial flowers should not be displayed in the drawing room.

4. Paintings depicting beauty of nature or scenery should be used to generate positive energy.


The Kids’ Room

A negative environment can make your child lazy and depressed the same way as a positive place can make him cheerful and active. So choosing the colors and elements and their position in accordance with Vastu can really do magic with this hub of creation.

Best Directions:

Children Room West
Bed South-West
Study Table North, East or North-East
Cabinets or Closets South or West



1. Door of the room should not face the bed directly.

2. Furniture should be avoided in middle or center of the room.

3. Keep all furnishing 3” away from the wall.

4. Do not place any mirror in front of the bed.


The Study Room

Studying needs concentration for you to gain the maximum out of it. So while you keep the design and elements minimalist to avoid unwanted distractions, a Vastu-friendly design can ensure that you get a peaceful environment to gather all the positivity.

Best Directions:

Study Room North-East, East or West
Book Rack South or West
Table Lamp South-East



1. Students should face North or East while studying.

2. A beam should never run above your head while studying.

3. Toilets in the study room should be avoided.

4. Bookshelf should never be planned above the study table.


The Pooja Room

Just like every subject of human aspect is governed with some rules, the art of worshipping has got its prerequisites too. After all, it’s important that all the positivity of this room stays there to give you your share of it every morning.

Best Directions:

Pooja Room North, East or North-East
Door North or East
Window North or East
Lamp Stand South-East



1. Face East or North, while worshipping.

2. Copper vessels should only be used for water-collection.

3. Color of the walls should be white, lemon or light blue.

4. Marble, if used, should be white.


Ring in the festive cheer

It’s that time of the year when you want to fill up your house with decorations and spread the cheer. No matter how spacious or compact your home is, you can always make it look merry and bright. Just put on your creative hat and you’ll find plenty of options popping up in your head. However, we thought of making it a little easier for you and compiled these simple yet fun Christmas ideas. We have you covered!

Remember the shape? Make it with a tape.
Don’t have a room to accommodate an actual tree? Here’s something you can easily do and even your kid will actively participate in. All you need is an empty wall and some washi tape.

Make your home smell like holidays

Festivities are in the air. Let your friends and family smell them too. Give your home a holiday scent with this cranberry and cinnamon stovetop potpourri. Take a few cinnamon sticks, 4 orange halves, a cup of fresh cranberries and 2 rosemary sprigs. Put them all in a large pot, cover with water, and simmer all day. See your home turn into a winter wonderland for the nose.

Because cinnamon lingers like happiness

Christmas will be over. The food will be finished. The sale at the stores will end too. And your cinnamon candles will still keep your home smelling like holidays. Make small ones that don’t take up vital space in your apartment.


Make it a winter wonderland

You are only one step away from turning your space into a snowy winter wonderland. Border your windows and shelves with white Christmas lights or even let them hang from the ceiling. A generous use of white home linen with a couple of white soft toys will do the rest.

Christmas decoration rocks when there are socks

So your kid is fond of colorful socks? Just jumble them up for a day and hang them like buntings along your living room walls or even in your kid’s bedroom. If they are in red, green and white, nothing like it.

Dine like Santa

Use Santa hats as covers for your dining chairs. Wrap the cutlery in stockings, use crystal glasses for drinks and just a few aroma candles. Let your guests think Santa is actually coming over for dinner.

Some ideas have a long shelf life

Sometimes less is more, even when it’s Christmas. Use dwarf Christmas trees and scatter a few Christmas balls around to give your shelves a touch of holidays.Red and white flowers are always a welcome addition.

Getting ideas of your own now? Well, at least you know where to begin. Merry Christmas!


Arrive prepared

If you plan to take an accommodation on rent, it is always advisable to be well prepared rather than relying on someone’s advice and intellect on rent agreement constructs. And while you do that, there are a few important things that you should never overlook. We have penned them down for you, so you have a pleasant stay as long as you are living there.

Rent clause

Make sure to check the amount mentioned in the rent clause and clearly understand the terms of increment. In case the owner decides to increase the rent at will outside the contract terms, you will have a legal proof to confront him. A 10% rental rise every year is usual but make sure that it is documented. Typically, the lease is renewed every 11 months since it has to be registered if the duration is higher. One more thing which is of utmost importance is the security deposit and the reimbursement of the same at the time you vacate. The document should also list a termination clause, specifying the tenure of stay and notice period, if any. Getting clarity on then mode of payment is also considered wise.

Facility fee and charges

It is advisable to ensure that the rent deadline is clearly mentioned along with the penalty amount you will incur if any, in case of a delay. You could also be expected to pay for various facilities in the society, such as gym, parking, club and swimming pool, regardless of whether you avail of these. Therefore, it becomes mandatory for you to check that all the charges you need to pay are clearly stated in the agreement. Also find out whether the previous maintenance charges, utility bills and property tax have been paid by the former tenants or owner before you move into the house.

Check closely for existing damages

Though it is obvious that you will visit the house you are going to rent, most people do not pay much attention to detail. So make sure that the basic construction, including walls and flooring, paint work, electrical appliances, switchboards and wiring, water connection and plumbing fixtures in kitchen and washrooms are in good condition. Any damages or wear and tear you notice should be brought to the owner’s attention immediately. And get them repaired before you move in. Doing this also ensures that you are not held responsible for any damage that was already there before you moved in.

Who bears the maintenance?

It is also important to make sure that the rent agreement clearly mentions who will pay for the regular maintenance work and whitewashing or paint work that is required in the house after you move in. Things like old electrical wiring or plumbing and other wear and tear in the house may need fixing in near future. Also find out if the owner will bear the repair in case of any accidental damage or in the event of destruction due to natural calamity. Ensure that the agreement lists clearly who will pay for which kind of repair and maintenance. Have it clearly stated in the agreement which kind of maintenance you will take care of and whether you will be reimbursed or not.

Know your owner

An important fact to crosscheck is whether the house is being rented by the actual owner or by a tenant or a caretaker without the owner’s knowledge. Verify the title documents like sale deed and make sure that you get a no-objection certificate (NOC) from the housing society as well.

Other terms & conditions 

While there are some society rules you are expected to know, the owner might also have added his own terms and conditions to the document. It is suggested that you thoroughly read before agreeing to any of them. A few common conditions could be no pets, late hour entry, loud music or late night parties. Only once you have read the terms, decide whether the property suits you or not.

Trust these little things mean the most, as they will make your living experience in the rented accommodation pleasant and peaceful.


Customer Brand Engagement

From the time you move in to a house to the time you have made it home, every first experience there is special in its own way. The first “no furniture” party, first pillow fight, first coffee table which was actually a carton or even the first treasure hunt when you are busy finding what’s in what box. Every first in your new abode is a memory overload. So when it is your first big festival in that dream home, it has to be special in more ways than one. And that’s why, we at Emaar decided to make #OurFirstDiwaliTogetherwith our residents, Emaar special.

It all began with our wish to celebrate the festival with our mega Emaar family. We sent our greetings and expressed our wish to decorate their homes for this special Diwali. But not only did they allow us to dress up their homes like our own but they doubled our enthusiasm with their keen participation and awe-inspiring inputs. With the members of our FMS team, the residents of our mega community gave us several mega moments to remember. Flowers, lights, lamps, chandeliers and rangoli did make it all picturesque but what really sparkled and outshined them all was the joy that we saw on the faces of our mega Emaar family and the touching response that could not be justified by a few pictures.

So, we thought of eternalizing it all with a short film – something we can always replay to relive this another very special ‘first’ we named #OurFirstDiwaliTogether.