Invest smart with Emaar!

Emaar in India brings you two great investment opportunities paralleled only by each other in Sector 102, Gurugram, India. Invest in group housing projects of Imperial Gardens and Gurgaon Greens, which offers the right confluence of return, appreciation and credibility. To reap the benefits read more.

Rewarding Location
The Dwarka Expressway was already being referred to as a huge lifestyle leap for the people of NCR, when NHAI recently awarded the project to Larsen & Toubro for the 8-lane express stretch between the Basai Railway-Over-Bridge and the NH8 Southern Peripheral Road. While it’s a huge advantage to all the communities developing in Sector 102 of Gurugram, Emaar Imperial Gardens and Gurgaon Greens offer you the best proximity and therefore, the maximum possible returns on your investment.

Moreover, HUDA has planned for TOD Policy, which will be applicable for DEW along with the other 3 main roads – MG Road, Golf Course Road and Southern Peripheral Road. This means higher floor area ratio (FAR) for residential flats, office spaces, commercial and entertainment areas can be built within the same expanse along proposed metro, or MRTS. Hence, translating into more people living closer to the nearest public transport mode and undoubtedly, better appreciation of your investment.

Project Highlights
Imperial Gardens and Gurgaon Greens at Sector 102, Gurugram offers progressive living the true Emaar way with the confluence of affluent, active and eco-friendly living. While there are many lifestyle attributes developers are offering to lure home buyers, but none offers a confluence of a holistic lifestyle living. Now experience this unique confluence of eco-friendly, active and affluent living at Imperial Gardens and Emaar Gurgaon Greens, Sector-102, Gurugram. Modern Clubhouse, play courts, open green spaces, swimming pool, kids play area and much more. We call it live the progressive lifestyle, the Emaar way.

Global Credibility
Emaar is a pioneer in shaping skylines and lifestyles worldwide, developing vibrant communities that have redefined real estate development. Like the iconic Burj Khalifa, the world’s highest structure; Dubai Fountain, the world’s tallest performing fountain; Dubai Mall, the world’s largest shopping and entertainment destination; and Dubai Downtown, the city’s premier large scale mixed use complex. Emaar properties are prized for their thoughtful architecture, excellent engineering and impeccable execution. Emaar is one of the world’s most valuable and admired real estate development companies. With proven competencies in properties, shopping malls and retail and hospitality and leisure, Emaar’s world-class project development competencies are underlined by its iconic assets in Dubai and other international markets.

Pick your investment today starting INR 99 lakhs with possession linked payment plan. Pay 10% to book and begin investing smart.


Live The Progressive Emaar Lifestyle


While there are many lifestyle attributes developers are offering to lure home buyers, but none offers a confluence of a holistic lifestyle living. Now experience this unique confluence of eco-friendly, active and affluent living at Imperial Gardens and Emaar Gurgaon Greens, Sector-102, Gurugram. We call it live the progressive lifestyle, the Emaar way. Sounds interesting? Read to know more.

Eco-friendly living
Let the chirping of the birds be a thought starter. An experience that will surely bring relaxation to your soul. Dotted with trees, huge sit-out greens for yoga and meditation. Green spaces to open your senses and give a picture perfect setting for one to sit by and muse. Experience the new progression of eco-friendly living.

Active living
Well, if you think fast moving life define active living, we suggest you come and experience active living, the Emaar way. The jogging trail, play courts, swimming pool all will inspire and challenge you to up your game. There’s enough to keep you on the move and make every moment worth the sweat when you are done relaxing in the comfort of your dream home. So whether you like spending your Sunday submersed in the pool, or begin your Mondays with a swing at the play courts, Emaar Imperial Gardens and Gurgaon Greens make sure you are right up there.

Affluent living
A phenomenon curated for those who seek something more than just a neighborhood. From the handpicked facilities to the ambience, everything about the ultra-modern Clubhouse here exudes affluence. The fine dining restaurant here is the perfect place to relish that nice and lazy brunch with your friends and family. The common area offers a warm setting to organize those weekly or monthly gatherings. And when the occasion is a bit more special, take the party out to the open amphitheater and experience affluent living, the true Emaar way.

Now that you know how we define the progressive Emaar lifestyle, you may want to drive in and reserve your share of the Emaar luxury and the progressive lifestyle benefits that come along.


Traditional Is In

Exotic, interesting and complex in their own unique way, Indian elements give you a lot to play with. And thanks to our rich cultural heritage, you have always got more variants than you could get with any other theme. We just picked our favorite 5 to tickle your creativity.

Solid Wood Furniture

Go for curved armrests and legs. Pick pieces with carvings and inlay work in metal or ivory. Just one or two ornate centerpieces and rest a little understated to compliment the former. Footstools and jharokhas will just complete the setting. Ready to feel like royalty!

Decorative Cabinets

Your home is your castle. So decorate it like one. And traditional Indian cabinets are your first step to achieve that look. Make sure they are embellished with heavy inlay work using mirrors, stones, ivory etc. That’s how you combine aesthetics and functionality. Paint them bright and keep them with some solid wood pieces. Living room, bedroom or kitchen, they will just enhance the look wherever you keep them.


Handspun Fabrics

Having a proper Indian décor is not at all possible without these. After all, India is known for its beautiful handiwork. So whether it is long flowing window drapes, divan covers or a beautiful canopy above your bed, fabrics can do magic to your room. What’s more, you can differentiate your furniture using different materials yet keep the theme intact. Silk or ikat for centerpieces or cushions, cotton or khadi for side chairs and jute for foot stools. So even your furniture follows the hierarchy.

Statuary and Paintings

Whether you pick the intricate Rajasthani paintings or the gold-leafed ones from Tanjore, paintings play an essential role in bringing out that traditional Indian look of your home. While the larger ones can play as centerpieces, smaller ones can be used to create your own gallery or adorn your passage. And if you bring in statues, congratulations, you have cracked the code. While many people go for the statues of their religious idols, elephants and camels are also popular choices. We bet you have already made a choice in your mind.

Curios and Knick-knacks

So now that you have already started adding things to your mind cart, there are tons of decorative Indian artifacts you can choose from. Masks, clay pottery, diyas, leather puppets, crockery, decorative sandalwood boxes are some of the most popular ones. And if you still find anything missing, a brass lamp could do the magic, literally.

While there are many more ideas on this theme that you can explore, make sure your choices are practical as well as match your personality. Thanks for reading!


When milestones turn into landmarks

Under the leadership of Emaar Dubai, Emaar in India has achieved 4110 Occupancy Certificates across its portfolio comprising residential, office and retail from June 2016 to December 2017. This clearly testifies our unparalleled focus and unmatched commitment towards our customers.

The good news doesn’t stop here and the momentum continues in 2018 as well. In January alone, we have received Occupancy Certificates for 1872 units comprising 563 units in Emerald Plaza, 288 units (4 towers) in Emerald Estate, 357 units (4 towers) in Palm Gardens and 664 units in The Palm Drive (including 128 units in 6 towers of Palm Terraces Select). All the projects are in Gurugram and are primarily from residential domain baring Emerald Plaza, which is a commercial destination. This takes the total tally to 5982 units.

Occupancy Certificate is a crucial document which is issued at the end of the construction by a local government agency or planning authority. The document is a proof of the building’s compliance with applicable building codes and other laws.

We at Emaar firmly believe that there is no better way to build your business than shaping your customers dreams. Our 14000 plus workforce ensures faster turnaround with precision and quality synonymous to Emaar worldwide.


Invest With Confidence

Making a commercial investment is not as difficult as it sounds. Allow us to decode the puzzle through this blog and you will realize that by following just a few rules, you can ensure you keep enjoying the windfall.

Location: Whether you are looking for a good source of rent or capital appreciation, look for a low-vacancy location as the tenants there will be less likely to move out and you will always be on the better side of the bargain.

Quality: The rule is simple. Two buildings could be in the same locale. But they may not give you an equal appreciation for your money. So it is always advisable to go for the one that is high on quality. Certifications like LEED Gold or Platinum Ratings will not just get you a better rent but will also help you sell faster.

Demand vs Supply: If you are looking to invest in a commercial property, keep an eye on the annual demand reports published by premium broker firms. Since every city has micro markets and each micro-market has stock (offices already completed and leased) and supply. If the supply over next 2-3 years is more than the demand in the recent past, the rents and prices of the existing as well as new constructions will come down. So, you know you can get a good bargain.

Market Rent vs In-place Rent: This is the most popular practice among institutional investors to see how risky the said property could be. So while you compare the prices of the buildings with space available, you also need to compare the latest market rent (the amount at which new buildings are being rented). A smart investor would go for the one charging rent closest to the market rate. As the tenant is least likely to vacate or negotiate with you.

Quality of Tenant: A good tenant like a bluechip multinational will not just be punctual about rent payments and pay escalations happily but will also significantly increase the value of your commercial property. What’s more, they will stay longer as they will value the property and you won’t also have to look for tenants too often.

Base Rents vs Fit-out Rents: If the rent return shown by the developer seems higher, chances are he has duped you by covering the fit-out rent too. Since the rent for fit-outs ends in 5 years, do check the effective date and give your hard earned money the best it can get.

Lease Structure: Commercial leasing doesn’t work like residential. Mostly structured on a 9-year pattern (3+3+3) or a 15-year term (5+5+5) meaning escalation every 3 or 5 years, commercial lease has its own inherent risks. E.g. The tenant cannot be asked to vacate before the lease is over. Also the tenant cannot vacate within the locking period (3 or 5 years usually). In short, the longer the lock-in period is, the better it is for the investor.

Security Deposit: In case of a commercial lease, the deposit mostly is about 10 to 12-month rent. So if the tenant is offering a deposit for 6 months or less, they might be having cash flow issues. Take your decision wisely.

Diversification: Investing all your money in just one property could be a big risk as in case the tenant vacates, the outflow will exceed the inflow. Since the maintenance costs and the taxes will still have to be paid duly while there will be no rent coming. Investing in multiple properties will control this variance and reduce the risk to the minimum.

Hope you keep these points in mind while making your next commercial investment and enjoy the best return possible.


Real estate 2.0

Hello Everyone! Meet RERA (Real Estate Regulation Act). Born on 1st of May 2017, its a brain child of Government of India to address the string of difficulties that comes in one’s way while buying real estate or post purchase. A home buyer’s woes have gone unheard for quite some time, but not anymore! RERA, is a regulatory body specially crafted by the parliament, Union Ministry of Housing, and Urban Poverty Alleviation for the customers and hence, looks forwards to resolve the disputes between them and the developer. RERA has gained tremendous popularity amongst the despaired buyers as it promises to upkeep transparency in the world of real estate.

You might think, what do you even have to do with some regulation act in real estate? You might even think, it’s just a sham to favour the promoter or the builder. But, no! Issues such as prices, delays, quality of construction, etc., are now taken care under the act. So, if you come face to face with poor construction quality and delayed delivery or if you know someone who’s a victim of such harassment, let them know about the revolution that is called RERA. Within a period of 30 days, the developer would have to rectify the issues regarding construction quality and provision of services, raised by the buyers in front of the regulator. Wait! There’s more.

RERA ensures that money allocated to one project is not diverted to another. Special courts are being set up to resolve disputes between the developer and buyer within 120 days. Also the home buyers must have come across disagreements regarding the promised designs of the apartments or heard of someone going through such kind of painstaking process. Not anymore! The developers are now not allowed to alter the designs without buyers’ consent, and the carpet area will carry a uniform definition.

In fact, the guidelines make registration of the developers under the regulatory body, mandatory. And that means, they can’t invite, advertise, sell, offer, market or book any plot, apartment, house, building, and invest in projects, without a registration number provided by the authority. Post registration, the developers will have to disclose details of their financial statements, legal title deed and other critical documents.

What if a developer fails to deliver the project within the agreed deadline as per the contract? Well, there’s a good news here too. The entire money, yes the whole amount, invested by the buyer along with the pre-agreed interest would have to be returned. If the buyer chooses not to take the money back, the developer will have to pay monthly interest on each delayed month to the buyer until delivery. What would strike you as a wave of excitement is that according to the experts, price hikes of property are unlikely to happen as the cost is not related to RERA. So, if a promoter tries to manipulate you with the notion of price hikes due to the new guidelines, then just slam the concept of ‘demand and supply’, right on his table!

The year of 2017, brings an end to all the unjust procedures. Bid farewell to distress caused by delays, fly by night developers, frustration due to unsatisfactory project delivery and agony resulted by unfair means in the world of real estate.

Witness the rebirth of real estate 2.0 powered by RERA.