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Buy A Property In Mohali Before It’s Too Late


Over the last few years, Mohali has got the attention of homebuyers and investors around India. The city is being hailed as India’s next big IT hub, which explains why both commercial and residential real estate investors want to be here at the right time. Moreover, the property prices in Mohali are more affordable when compared with Chandigarh. The upcoming business hub also offers excellent connectivity and sound physical and social infrastructure.

Buying a property in Mohali is one of the best investment decisions you can make. Here’s why:

1.A well-planned city:

Mohali, the satellite town of Punjab’s capital, is counted among the best-planned cities in independent India. From the roads and public transit systems to the civic amenities and commercial districts, Mohali is a thoroughly equipped and well-planned city on its way to prominence.

2. Bustling IT sector:

Mohali is being hailed as the next big IT hub in India, as more and more IT companies and corporates are exploring Mohali as the destination to expand their business and operations. This has led to a significant expansion in the commercial and residential projects in Mohali. There are already many major IT firms that have established their presence in the city.

3.Excellent infrastructure:

The government of Mohali is focused on expanding the infrastructure in the area. The process of setting up a world-class transportation system is currently underway. Apart from employment hubs, banks and ATMs, the social infrastructure of Mohali—including schools, hospitals and marketplaces—is steadily gaining prominence. The health and education infrastructure is excellent, and the city is safe, well-maintained and well-connected by road, railways and air.

4.Affordable property prices:

As the property prices have skyrocketed in the landlocked Chandigarh, investors are turning to the promising land of Mohali.

5.Premium real estate projects:

With an increasing number of corporates and IT firms setting up base in Mohali, the demand for residential property here is also increasing exponentially, especially among professionals associated with these sectors. India’s finest and most reputed realty developers have entered the Mohali market to cater to this rising demand. If you’re looking to invest in residential property in Mohali, then Emaar India’s Mohali Hills should top your list. Mohali Hills is designed to be a landmark lifestyle destination, and is an ideal location to set your dream home. Its expansive master plan is an ode to Chandigarh’s harmonious architecture, bringing together natural serenity with exquisitely detailed out luxurious spaces.

Explore premium residential plots in Mohali at Emaar India’s Mohali Hills.

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