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be festive ready

Do-it-yourself trendsetting home décor


2017, so far has been a wonderful year for home decor and interior designing. Interesting trends and eye catching designs have popped up and have made their mark. And if your mind is wondering as to how you can bring some of it, to your own home; let’s explore the top decorating trends which can be more easily replicated. Thus bringing in the desired freshness in your home, and inspiration for others.

These trends are easy on your pocket and does not require you to break the bank. Create an environment that reflects your personal aesthetics, without going in for much of an overhaul.

Grey has been a dominant colour in 2016 and continues to stay with us this year as well. It’s a colour that compliments a gamut of shades from the brightest pink to canary yellow. Throw in some bright colours or mix the greys with a brighter shade. Either way, it will give your living room a modern and playful look.

Witness the explosion of colours interwoven in your comfy chairs, this might just brighten your day. Have a look!

If your taste is minimalistic and less seems more, maybe this one suits your style.

This year ‘green’ is prominent again. Add lime green colour to your child’s room, and transform it to a beautiful and cozy room where they can grow and play.

Or, if bright colours seem too over powering, choose nutral shades and add some geometric elements to create a home which looks curated.

Perhaps, just let the walls do the talking!

Build your corners! If it’s peace and some self introspection time your looking for, then craft a special space in your home, just for yourself. Because, true happiness begins from within.

Beautiful windows always help lit up rooms well. Here’s how you can make it interesting and create a pretty sight with it. You could read the favourite pages from that novel here for hours or just enjoy sips of your coffee and gaze the beauty outside on a cozy rainy day!

Or simply set up a solitary area where you can curl up in your most comfortable position and flip through some old albums or poetry books.

And, who said home office spaces are boring? Working from home could be the best thing happening to you if your space is well lit with a mixture of light and dark shades. It does not need to be boring and done conventionally. Enhance it with some flowers, to keep you inspired and refreshed for the day ahead.

Or you can keep it tasteful and a little down on the tone, with comfortable furnitures where the body and soul can sink in. Certainly adding to your productivity, the end result will surprise you!

When we suggested you to add more life in your home, we meant literally! Indoor flowering plants and cactus can actually do wonders. Sourcing an interesting holder for it, can take it to the next level. Check it out!

Or you could go for a colour riot blended with natural beauty if you have an outdoor space or balcony. Did we mention, colours can have some great effects on our mood!

Sleek designs, clutter-less room and a hint of metal are in. So, it’s time to experiment and play with more shades. As per experts, this year people will be going back to investment furniture that is very well made.

Floral prints continue to stay in our fabrics and wallpapers. Add some elegance by throwing some floral prints on your furniture. They add character to the space, and if possible match it with darker pillows and make the space come alive.

Now that we have put a quick list of ‘do-it-yourself’ décor options for you, hope we’ve managed to inspire you to get ready for the festive season in time.

So, where do you plan to begin?


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