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5 things to check before you take possession of your new house

Is your dream house ready for possession? Here’s your flat inspection checklist


Taking the possession of your house is a feeling unparalleled in this universe. In all likelihood, you would have saved for this house for years together and along with your family, must have dreamt of how you shall do it up for months. And when the day finally arrives, it is an emotional one. You feel pride and accomplishment like never before. We, at Emaar India, resonate deeply with this emotion. Hence, just so that the sentiments do not cloud over your judgement, we are here with a list of checks that you must carry out before your home possession:

Key documents-

Perhaps the most important of it all. There are many documents to check when the final handover of keys is happening- sale deed, occupancy certificate, encumbrance certificate et al. It is imperative that each document is thoroughly checked. Having a set of legal eyes accompany you also would not hurt. Read more about the documents required to be checked here.

Electrical fittings-

Do check if all the sockets and plug points in the house are in working condition and firmly planted. Locate the fuse box and check if the main fuse of the house controls the power in all rooms. Please ensure the house is suitably power backed up. If you were promised an extra set of switches, now is the time to check on them. None of the switches should be direct, i.e. brimming with electricity even when powered off.


Go through each and every wall thoroughly to check for any cracks. Also, check if the quality and colour of wall paint have been provided as promised. While you are at it, check if the doors and windows are provided and are painted as planned.


You must make sure all taps in the bathrooms have water and all flushes work. There should not be any leakage or loose taps. Check the sanitaryware and dado have been provided as promised. The tiles too must be crack-free and of the previously planned colour and design. All the drains must be working and there must not be any clogging.

Safety Features-

One of the most important things is the safety in and around the house. The locks must be in place and working smoothly. We suggest you insist on a secure night latch system. Also, there must be a suitable fire alarm system in the house in case of a contingency. Do check for gas leakages thoroughly. You must ensure the balconies and other open areas are secured with grills and skirtings especially if you have kids in the house.

Your home is your place of Zen. It represents your dreams, hopes and aspirations in more than just metaphorical terms. Although it definitely is the developer’s responsibility to make it a safe abode with all features provided as per the initial plan; but it is your responsibility as well to keep the deliverables under check. Here’s wishing your new home brings you all that you desire!

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