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5 Reasons Why Open Spaces In Real Estate Are Indispensable Today

At Emaar India, we take pride in the fact that your interests and health take precedence for us over everything else


Did you know that according to the National Building Code of India, at least 10% of the total area of a residential project needs to be invested in the development of open space reserves (OSR)? Everyone from the Government to the common investor agrees on the importance of open spaces. In fact, it has proven to be one of the most compelling buying reasons for many investors. This is because, the investor of today, looks at his new home not as a singular unit but as a part of the larger society. He looks at the value this community can add to his and his family’s lives.

For Emaar India, the inclusion of open spaces is not an addition but a part of the project design. For example, in Emaar Mohali Hills, 43 acres of the project are dedicated to open spaces and other recreational activities.

Here’s why open spaces are so relevant in today’s world-

De-stress and De-congest

Our fast-paced days are usually spent in cubicles, meeting rooms or travelling for work. When you come back home, you don’t want to come back to an equally congested environment. The symbolism is at play here, since your mind needs to find space to think as well. Coming back to a home surrounded by trees and vast open spaces, helps you relax and de-stress.

Indulge in Recreation

You can even indulge in one of the many recreational activities available at such projects like go for long walks across the gardens, practice on the yoga deck or take up a sport like badminton/basketball and unwind.

Scope for better amenities

Availability of open spaces in a project ensures that better amenities can be developed for both adults and kids. At Emaar Jaipur Greens, for example, the open area is spread across 23 acres. It gave us the leeway to build a state of art clubhouse with immensely contemporary facilities that are fully functional.

Meet and Greet

As our lives get more self-sufficient, our social interactions become limited to taking some time out on the weekends. Larger open spaces enable residents of similar interests to form bonds. Some projects, for example, have the concept of community gardening wherein the residents interested in gardening can contribute to the project garden while forming new bonds.

Quality time with kids

The projects with larger open spaces also tend to have more facilities for the kids like swimming pools, kids’ play areas, butterfly parks, skating rinks, sandpits etc. It then becomes a great opportunity for you to spend quality time with them. This is what we aim to achieve with our projects like Emaar Indore Greens, which has over 19 acres of open spaces providing you and your family with a plethora of options to bond over.

We, at Emaar India, take pride in the fact that your interests and health take precedence for us over everything else. Our projects are designed keeping the modern-day requirements of an investor in mind and hence, all Emaar India projects are spread over many acres of land, providing you with the most serene surroundings.

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