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5 monsoon weekend getaways from Gurugram

Monsoon is the time to pack our bags and set out on those road trips that are unfiltered happiness


Sitting in the balcony with a simmering hot cup of tea munching on pakodas, watching the kids dance in muddy puddles, racing the paper boats or just soaking in the smell of rain; regardless of what your memories of the monsoon are, what the rains always bring along with them is pure joy. For a lot of us, monsoon is also the time to pack our bags and set out on those road trips that are unfiltered happiness. Very few things are as uplifting as the monsoon breeze on your face as you drive/ride along the newly washed roads.

Hence, to make your travel decisions easier, here is a round-up of 5 of the most inviting monsoon destinations-


We know Shimla might have been your obvious choice, but ditch the crowd we suggest and head to one of the most picturesque and colourful hill stations of north India- Kasauli. Around ~330 Km from Gurugram, Kasauli is still ripe with the colonial era influence in its architecture and has a massive old-town charm to it that leaves you smiling. Set out on a long walk across the town, taking in the beauty of the hills and laps of valleys while keeping an eye on the cozy little cafes all around town that serve scrumptious food.


Located at ~360 Km from Gurugram, Chakrata is an almost undiscovered gem. Go here to relax, wake up to the Himalayas, be surrounded by various shades of green while you read a book marvelling at the charm of the place. The place is perfect for early morning walks and a delight for photographers, with varied and beautiful varieties of birds flocking the place. The whole town is enveloped in Oak and Deodar trees and provides you with many sightseeing opportunities as well.


If you are looking for some seclusion and romance, Landowne is your destination. Looking straight out of a movie set, the town used to be a British Cantonment. Around ~280 Km from Gurugram, the town is also famous for its many temples along with spectacular views of the mountains and towering Pine forests. Visit the ancient churches or go on a mountain trail, this town is sure to make you want to come back to the simplicity of it.


Jaipur is a very famous stop for shopping and if you were worried that summer would have been very hot, then now is the time to go! Look for one of the resorts to stay in, preferably built around the forests and have a unique stay experience. A bit too crowded otherwise, monsoon is a good season to go here to beat the crowd. Jaipur is gorgeous when it rains here, almost as if the city has paused for effect. An easy drive of ~235 Km, better shopping deals and inexpensive staying options- what more can you ask for?


Located at ~388 Km from Gurugram, Almora is one of those places that is getting transformed due to commercialization and at a rapid rate. But don’t be put off by the main markets, there’s much more to the town that what meets your eyes. A kind of panoramic view of the Himalayas that is breathtaking, intricately carved woodwork, and the green foliage enveloping you makes you stop and retrospect. It is the place that might just remind you of home, because of the warmth that it exudes.

So, what are you waiting for? Pick a destination and just drive around; who knows if in the process of finding a new destination, you might just find yourself!

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