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5 Indoor Plants That Improve Your Home Air Quality


It is that time of the year again when most of us are continuously discussing the air quality. Soon there will be smog and complaints about the AQI being on the rise and of course, the sale of air purifiers will shoot up. Little do we know that apart from the polluted particles that emanate from a car or the smoke from a cigarette, there are everyday pollutants inside our houses too which are basically the remains from the various products that we use like plastic, cleaning liquids, heaters etc. And hence, maintaining the air quality inside the house not just in the winter months but all year round is more important than we can imagine.

How about we tell you that some indoor plants have the abilities to remove chemicals like Benzene, Formaldehyde, Ammonia etc. from the air we breathe? Yes, plants! It is that simple. The same capabilities are possessed by the microorganisms that grow in the pots of these plants too; thus, in addition to cleaning the air, they make the air cooler. You would be surprised that NASA has studied this subject at length and shares the findings along with the plants’ names and properties in detail.

Here are a few plants that can help you lead a healthier life-

Palm Trees
These are the antithesis of maintenance. Palm trees eliminate Formaldehyde, Benzene, Carbon Monoxide and even Chloroform from the air and at the same time inject moisture in the air. Keep them in your balcony or at a reading nook inside the house. Palms are the decorators’ favourite too since they add so much life to your surroundings.

English Ivy-
These evergreen climbers are almost made to be kept indoors. However, there are many varieties of this plant and when you buy, you must understand the care each one needs. You can either let it climb on the balcony walls where the light is not too bright or inside on hanging little pots. They need not be watered very often during winter.

Rubber Plants-
One of the most effective plants to remove Trichloroethylene and Carbon Monoxide from the air we breathe, the good old rubber plant needs only a little care every now and then. Keep them anywhere that has filtered sunlight that is not too bright. You may want to clean the leaves regularly to keep them shiny.

Peace Lily-
NASA has discovered that this is amongst the top 3 plants that can remove household toxins, even Ammonia. Peace Lily loves bright sunlight and requires moist soil at all times. With just a bit of care, you will be mesmerized with the bloom with the flowers looking divine!

Boston Fern-
A staple at most of our childhood homes, Ferns are said to remove Formaldehyde from the atmosphere more than any other plant. However, they can be a bit difficult to maintain as they require extra care depending on the moisture levels at your home.

Apart from the functions above, plants are also known for having a positive effect on your psyche hence, making you more productive. They can even reduce fatigue and can be a good nurturing lesson for the kids. Also, some of these plants can be toxic to pets, so we recommend you researching before you buy in case you have pets at home. We wish you a healthier festive season!

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